Coach modelling

 The original generic Coach Development Model (CDM) was designed to provide a reference point for coach development. It maps the development of coaches, as they progress from novice to master, to the four key participant populations identified in the Participant Development Model (PDM).  It has a variety of potential applications and can be used in a number of ways by different partners (e.g. in developing, implementing and evaluating coach development systems/structures, and in workforce planning and deploying coaches effectively – see the Coaching Workforce 2009–2016 document for more details). It is this process of understanding, exploring, investigating and applying the CDM to sport specific coaching populations that is Coach Development Modelling.

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Hockey's 5x4 Coach Model

Take a look at Hockey's, innovative Coach Development Model and Coaching Strategy. Coach pathways are fully defined with roles, responsibilities, qualifications required, continued professional development and environments fully defined.

Hockey 5x4 Coach Model