Working together to develop a more inclusive coaching environment will create more choice for disabled people. This will, in turn create higher participation figures for your sport.Makes sense, doesn't it?!

The following resources will support the development of a more inclusive coaching workforce and provide you with further contacts to support you and your coaches develop your knowledge into specialist areas, when needed.

sports coach UK is committed to supporting your sport to create a more positive environment for your disabled participants. If you require any further support please contact Sarah Cohen at [email protected]

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Scope publish disabled people survey (2011)

According to Scope's survey published in December 2011 most disabled people feel "excited", "included" and "empowered" when they think about the 2012 London Paralympic Games. Moreover they feel it is a "great opportunity" for disabled people and feel that the greatest legacy for disabled people will be increased participation in sport. Read all of the survey responses by clicking on the link below.

Scope 2011 survey