Coach Developer Workforce

The importance of coach education can never be underestimated. This is particularly true for sports who aspire to succeed both on the international stage and within the clubs, schools and communities of the UK. The quality of coaches is increasing as a result of better education, assessment and supported learning (through mentoring). More importantly, this means the standard of coaching is inevitably improving.

Who is this page for?
Any agency or organisation that has a role in educating, developing and supporting coaches and coach developers (tutors, assessors, quality assures and mentors).

What is it intended to do?
Provide a platform which supports agencies that are engaged in coach development to improve their coach developer workforce through quality assurance and system development.

You may be facing the challenge of growing, reshaping or maintaining your coach develop workforce, these news stories, blogs resources and events should help by offering suggestions on how you can do this, to better enable coaches to achieve their full potential.

sports coach UK offer specialist training for these coach education roles able through our trading arm Coachwise. For more information on the programmes and their delivery please visit the Coachwise website.

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