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Enhancing Your Organisation's Support for Coaches

Coach Membership, Registration and Licensing Framework
How Can UK Coaching Help You?
How Much Does it Cost?
How to Sign Your Coaches Up

Membership is the first tier of the coach membership, registration and licensing framework. Put simply, your membership scheme should be a basic range of services for coaches, or those interested in coaching, that helps build a working relationship with coaches in your sport.

Not sure where to start? Download helpful guidance on ‘What makes a good membership scheme?’

How can sports coach UK help you?

UK Coaching has simple, quick, hassle-free solutions to help you enhance the support you provide your coaches.

Take up any of these options and you’ll be supplying your coaches with an excellent informal CPD opportunity, giving them the chance to learn from coaches in other sports.

Your coaches can learn lots by looking outside their own sport for coaching inspiration!


1. Bulk subscription to Coaching Edge

Bulk subscribe your coaches to Coaching Edge and every quarter they will receive the latest edition of the UK’s leading coaching magazine. You can choose to have the magazine delivered straight to your coaches’ home addresses, or if you prefer we can send them to an address of your choosing. This way you can distribute Coaching Edge to your coaches at your own convenience.*

Find out more about how your coaches can benefit from a subscription to Coaching Edge.

If that doesn’t convince you, browse a previous issue of Coaching Edge for a taste of what your coaches could be enjoying.

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2. Bulk Membership

Choose this option and your coaches will enjoy both a subscription to Coaching Edge and be able to access the other benefits of UK Coaching Bronze membership!

3. Give your coaches peace of mind

Did you know that if you would like your coaches to be protected with specialist insurance, you can sign them up to become UK Coaching Gold or Silver members? Joining will give them the protection they need so they can relax and concentrate on what they do best – coaching! An added benefit is that both levels of membership enable them to become insured for more than one sport.**

How Much Does it Cost?

Download this price list for more information***.

How to Sign Your Coaches Up

Contact the membership hotline on 0113-290 7612 or complete the contact us form (choose ‘membership enquiries’ from the drop-down menu) for more information.

Business/Operational Services

Our trading arm, Coachwise Ltd, offers specialist services to support your membership scheme – including marketing, digital and editorial services, such as adapting Coaching Edge to suit the needs of your sport.

> Contact Coachwise to discuss

*How you prefer to send Coaching Edge to your coaches will determine how much it costs per coach.
**To be eligible for insurance cover (for one or multiple sports/activities), your coaches should hold a current qualification from a recognised governing body of sport, a current qualification issued by a recognised awarding organisation or an S/NVQ in coaching. Instructors should hold a current qualification issued by a recognised awarding organisation. Officials should hold a current officiating qualification issued by a recognised governing body of sport, as long as you hold a coaching qualification as defined above. View a complete list of the 200+ sports and activities covered by Gold and Silver Membership.
***Prices correct as of September 2016.

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