Talent Foundation Series

The Talent Foundation series provides:

  • practical coach development
  • an introduction to critical themes in talent development
  • a cross-sport Community of Practice (CoP) for coaches through targeted information, research and discussion
  • training and development programme to governing bodies for their coaches in subject areas that sit outside their common development and qualification offers
  • support to governing bodies and national organisations to identify current and future coaching talent.

The Talent Foundation Series offers four workshops which cover many of these areas with a focus on coaching and working with the talented athlete. 

‘What is Talent?’ provides insight on what is talent and the qualities that make a talented athlete; helping the coach to look at what they need in their coaching sessions. 

‘A Head for Talent’ looks at the mental side of athlete development, including growth mindset, insights into developing resilience and mental toughness and looks at the concept of athletes having Grit.

‘Talent Across the Ages’ explores the biological, psychological and social characteristics of the stages of athlete development and how these need to be considered when developing your coaching sessions.  It looks at the non-linear and uniqueness of each athlete’s journey, the challenges they face and how coach and athlete mindsets can affect this. 

The final workshop ‘Getting Better, Better’ focuses on how to maximise your training sessions through the consideration of purposeful practice, skill development and constraints-led coaching. 

For more information, contact sports coach UK workshop bookings.

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