Talent & Performance Coach Support

Our coach support offer includes support for partners including governing bodies, County Sports Partnerships; system builders, coach developers and active coaches working within the Talent and Performance Domains.

Coach Developer Strand

Strive is a professional development programme specifically to support Coach Developers working within their sport who are supporting a Talent and Performance coaches. The central focus is enhancement of coaching practice through the use of a scaffolding framework supported by the use of observation and video.

Female Strand

Female Coach Connectivity Events are events aimed at female coaches who are currently working within the talent pathway. The coaches will be currently working at a regional and national level within the sport.

Give It Back is a new offer aimed at supporting coaches new to the talent pathway. More details will be available soon.

Women into High Performance is a bespoke programme aimed at female coaches who have been identified by their NGB to have the potential to work within the performance environment within one to five years.

Performance Foundation Strand

Performance Foundation Coach Support provides coaches with regular Coach Developer support in addition to further coach development support with coaches from other sports. The coaches will receive regular support including coaching observations, one to one sessions, working within a coaching hub with fellow coaches. In addition the coaches will receive access to wider coach development within their ‘zone’ and national events.

The coach developer will enable the coach to explore areas of their coaching practice and development using a variety of approaches including 360 reviews, individual action plans, coaching practice observations, the use of video capture and thinking tools.

Coaches will be nominated by their governing body for the programme after being identified as a coach working to support the transition of athletes into the Podium Potential stage. Coaches will then be invited to apply directly to receive the coach support over an 18 month period.

Talent Strand

The Talent Foundation Programme provides coaches working at the base of the Talent Pathway with a structured coach development programme that encourages the coach to reflect on their coaching practice. The programme is led and managed by delivery partners including County Sports Partnership who are supported by the UK Coaching team. Coaches who are successfully accepted onto the programme will have their own Coach Developer support, the opportunity to complete a talent profile and development plan, have coaching practice observations and attend the Talent Foundation Series workshops.

The Talent Foundation Series offers four workshops which focus on developing coaches understanding of the challenging and complex environment when working with the talented performers. The workshops are ‘What is Talent?’, ‘A Head for Talent’, ‘Talent Across the Ages’ and ‘Getting Better, Better’. Coaches can access these through partners who host the workshop series including County Sports Partnerships, Sports Clubs, Universities and Colleges and Governing Bodies.

Talent Development Environments

A targeted approach with identified sports a new project has been initiated to further support coaches, athletes, parents and other’s involved in talent development environments at the base of the talent pathway. With the outcome of drawing on evidence-based insight, along with practical experience, the project will take a multi-agency approach in order to understand the challenges within these environments, and provide recommendations and resources to aid their evolution.

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