How to Deliver Engaging Sessions for Young People

Help your coaches meet the needs of 14–25 year olds!

Sport England’s research shows a dropout rate across most sports around the ages of 14–25. This is the practical-based workshop developed specifically to upskill the coaching workforce, to better meet the needs of this age group, and to help ensure your coaches are appropriately equipped to keep coming back for more. Central to this workshop is giving coaches the valuable knowledge and skills needed to incorporate positive youth development into their sessions. The workshop also helps them to better meet the identified needs of the recreational participant, and much more!

What Coaches Will Learn:

How to identify:

  • different stages of young people’s participation development
  • the differences in coaching styles that meet young people’s requirements
  • the differences in coaching styles in different environments: schools, satellite clubs, colleges, universities and clubs.

Coaches will also understand and be able to demonstrate how to include the ‘C’ system* approach in their coaching.

Organising this workshop provides you with a practical solution to growing and sustaining participation in sport among the 14–25 age group, giving you the valuable evidence you need to prove you are doing all you can to meet Sport England’s objectives.

100% of delegates rated this workshop 8 out of 10 or higher**.

100% of delegates agreed the UK Coaching tutor performance was good/very good overall for this workshop**.

How to Organise this Workshop

  1. Ensure you have read and can meet the organiser requirements (PDF).
  2. Submit your booking if you are already a workshop organiser.
    If you haven’t organised a workshop before, take these steps.
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"While coach education on the whole is evolving, there is a limit to what traditional qualifications can do in terms of developing coaches’ soft skills. This workshop really helps to fill an important gap in coach development, in terms of improving their practice, and soft and personal skills, helping to make more effective coaches. Any time you find something that really empowers coaches to look reflectively at their practice but also change their behaviour, it’s got to be a good thing. For us, that’s the litmus test of good coach education – when people want to change their behaviours immediately as a result of a course they’ve been on. We think this workshop is one of the best products available."

CJ Lee, Coaching Development Manager, Sport Hampshire & IOW (SHIOW)

> Find out more about why CJ is raving about this workshop.

"Running this age-specific workshop for our coaches was a really great continuing personal development (CPD) opportunity for them. The workshop developed their knowledge and skills to better meet the needs of this age group, but also crucially played a part in helping us meet our Sport England 14–25 participation targets"

Liam McCarthy, National Coaching and Workforce Manager, England Handball

"This was the perfect CPD opportunity for our Sportivate and satellite club deliverers. All the delegates rated the workshop highly, scoring it 9 or 10 out of 10. The tutor was very engaging, and all delegates left with some excellent ideas. We are planning to run the course again in the near future and already have a waiting list!"

Lee Monk, Assistant Sport Development Officer, Active Dorset

Accompanying Resource

This workshop comes with a fantastic supporting resource How to Deliver Engaging Sessions: Developing Adults and Young People Through Sport, which will help your delegates in their future coaching.

Further Information

If you have any queries contact the Workshop Booking Centre by email or telephone: 0845-601 3054.

*The Cs are: connection; confidence; character; creativity; caring and compassion; and competence.

**Statistics taken from evaluations of 1 April 2013 – March 31 2014 workshops.

*Please note this workshop is available to deliver under the Licensed Workshop Partner scheme.

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