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Bolsover logoThe Sports Development team at Bolsover District Council works with partners to develop and support a range of sporting and community activities and initiatives where everyone has the opportunity to participate in sport and active recreation, whether for fun, health, to learn, enjoy the natural environment, or to excel.


To achieve this, they work closely with the community, voluntary sector sports clubs, coaches, volunteers and other strategic partners. Part of Sports Development Officer, Shane Turner’s role is coach education, including ensuring that they meet Derbyshire Sport’s minimum operating standards as well as continuing their development.


The Sports Development team creates an annual programme of workshops, which run from September to May. The programme is created around workshops the team feel will help coaches and benefit their development. This includes UK Coaching workshops such as:

To promote the workshop programme, they send flyers to local clubs and add the workshops to their website, as well as those of the council and Derbyshire Sport.

UK Coaching workshops also feature as part of the Bolsover Leadership and Coaching Academy (BLACA) – a two-year funded programme to train 40 Level 2 coaches per year and get them into work. The coaches attend workshops, including ‘Analysing Your Coaching’, and master classes throughout the year. 


The feedback from the leadership academy is 100% positive. Coaches found the ’Analysing Your Coaching’ workshop in particular really helped them to reflect on their coaching and think about how they could improve their sessions, as well as helping them review and give feedback.

'I would definitely recommend UK Coaching workshops – they help with the coaches’ progression. I think it’s really helpful to get coaches together, as it can quite often be an isolated role and it’s important for them to learn from each other and from other sports as well.'

Shane Turner, Sports Development Officer, Bolsover District Council

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