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The Sports Development Team’s role at the London Borough of Hillingdon is to develop and support the clubs, coaches and volunteers in the borough. Yolanda Gutteridge is the Sports Development Officer.


Yolanda and her colleagues see the development of voluntary sports clubs and the coaches who work within them as vital to increasing participation in sport and providing a high quality experience for the clubs’ members.


The fact that UK Coaching's workshops are generic means that they are ideal for Hillingdon’s coaching workforce. The 100 or so clubs that the Sports Development Team work with encompass a huge variety of sports, and feedback from the coaches indicates that they benefit from learning from coaches from other sports. Some of the most popular workshops over the past year or so have been ‘Positive Behaviour Management in Sport’ and 'Analysing Your Coaching'.

And because the nature of the agreement with UK Coaching means Hillingdon are the workshop organiser, they also benefit from retaining control of their own pricing strategy, which means they can be flexible in the amount they charge coaches to go on the workshops. They have two prices for the workshops, with coaches who are Hillingdon residents or coaching at a Hillingdon club benefiting from a lower price.  


The results are more and better quality coaches working in Hillingdon’s clubs and understanding key issues relating to coaching. They are able to adapt their coaching styles to different scenarios, and this in turn helps the clubs to develop. Yolanda finds that she gets lots of repeat business – once a coach has attended a UK Coaching workshop, they are very likely to want to attend others.

'I would definitely recommend UK Coaching's workshops. They are well delivered and provide our sports coaches with up-to-date knowledge and skills to help them progress in their coaching.'

Yolanda Gutteridge, Sports Development Officer, London Borough of Hillingdon

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