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‘Equity in Your Coaching’, ‘Safeguarding and Protecting Children’ and ‘Inclusive Coaching: Disability’


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Merseyside Sport is fully committed to supporting all coaches in order to ensure that they have every possible opportunity to develop, progress and truly realise their full potential.


Merseyside Sport, the County Sports Partnership (CSP) for Merseyside, has established ‘Coaching Merseyside’ – a one-stop shop for coaches and local partners that employ coaches. When coaches sign up for this virtual network, they sign up to a set of minimum standards agreed by the partnership.


In order to ensure that they have a workforce of coaches that meets its minimum standards, Merseyside Sport has made the decision to encourage all coaches working across the partnership to attend the ‘Equity in Your Coaching’, ‘Safeguarding and Protecting Children’ and ‘Inclusive Coaching: Disability’ workshops.  

It organises a comprehensive annual programme of workshops and is very happy working with the sports coach UK Workshop Booking Centre, appreciating the fact that their respective roles are clear. Merseyside Sport finds a venue and promotes the workshops, and the booking centre (managed by Coachwise on behalf of UK Coaching) provides a tutor and organises delivery of the resources.


Merseyside Sport values these workshops as they provide the coaches with the knowledge and skills that enhance their coaching. In particular, ‘Equity in Your Coaching’ is great as it provides practical advice on how to adapt coaches’ existing skills to make their coaching sessions attractive to everyone – regardless of age, race, ability, faith or sexual orientation. By running these workshops throughout the year, it ensures the partnership has a sufficient number of well-qualified coaches to deliver its programmes. Feedback from the coaches has shown that they find the workshops enjoyable as well as educational and that they really value the supporting resources.

‘I would definitely recommend running the UK Coaching workshops “Equity in Your Coaching” and “Inclusive Coaching: Disability” for coaches working on your programmes. The tutors are great – knowledgeable and extremely passionate about the subject. We find they really inspire our coaches, which in turn benefits participants in our programmes and means they have an enjoyable and worthwhile experience.’

Andrew Wileman, Development Manager (Workforce),
Merseyside Sport

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