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UK Coaching workshops


Bolsover logoPlymouth City Council’s Sports Development Unit aims to develop and promote opportunities for sport and physical activity participation throughout Plymouth.


A key part of Community Sports Manager Martin Lees’ work is identifying the coaches’ development requirements. To achieve this, Martin and his team work closely with clubs within the community to learn about any requirements they have. They further support this work by conducting surveys. By reviewing this ongoing research, they create their Workforce Education programme featuring several UK Coaching workshops.


The Workforce Education programme runs from January to December and features workshops to help meet the developmental needs of the coaches. Examples of workshops used include ‘How to Coach Disabled People in Sport’, which helps broaden coaches’ skills and make their sport sessions accessible to everyone, and ‘Safeguarding and Protecting Children’. To help encourage coaches to participate, the programme is promoted through the Sports Development Unit’s clubs and coach distribution list, as well as the Plymouth Sports Forum Network and local county sports partnership and governing body of sport links. Coaches are also offered £5 off workshops if they are a member of an accredited club.


The results of the workshops are better quality coaches working in Plymouth’s sports clubs. The 18 workshops that were run last year for the Workforce Education programme were a great success, making the coaches more aware and better equipped to deal with a variety of coaching situations and different abilities of players. The workshops also help to raise awareness of wider issues, especially those new to coaching. The feedback from the coaches was really encouraging. Many felt the workshops had strengthened their abilities and made them feel more confident in their coaching.

'I’m really pleased with the UK Coaching workshops, they have positively contributed to the overall workforce development and it’s beneficial for the coaches to meet up and have facilitated discussions.'

Martin Lees, Community Sports Manager, Plymouth City Council

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