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Sport Hampshire & IOW (SHIOW) is one of 49 county sports partnerships (CSPs) in England, committed to increasing levels of participation in sport and physical activity.


The CSP had been through a strategy refresh, with its vision being to inspire more people to be more active, more often’. One of the four core objectives of that strategy is to support activity at all levels through the development of a high quality workforce, including coaches, instructors, leaders, volunteers, teachers and officials. It sees the development of this workforce as business critical to ensure it develops the right coaches to deliver ideal coaching environments, whatever level of participation they are operating at.

Coaching Development Manager CJ Lee explains: ‘Whether it’s a coach delivering to recreational participants, talent development or elite performance, we want to make sure that, at a local level, we are supporting the coaching workforce to make sure they have the right skills so that they are fit for purpose.’

CJ was looking at what new additions he could make to his coach education programme to develop his coaches.


Through his work as a UK Coaching tutor, CJ became aware of the practical workshops: ‘How to Deliver Engaging Sessions for Young People’ and ‘How to Deliver Engaging Sessions: A Guide for Developing Adults Through Sport’. He saw them as the perfect continuing personal development (CPD) opportunity to offer coaches in his area.

‘After going through the tutor orientation for the workshops, I was absolutely certain that they filled a gap that isn’t currently being offered by governing bodies of sports and their traditional coaching qualifications. The whole value-based approach to coaching, around the “C” system of coaching, is an absolutely crucial building block to make sure our coaches are delivering Excellent Coaching Every Time for Everyone.’


SHIOW has delivered the workshops numerous times in different environments. It has run them in a higher education (HE) setting for students and leaders who are going out and delivering in school settings, as well as to community coaches who are generally delivering more to adult participants.

The CSP has been delighted with the results, as CJ describes:

‘Whether it’s around increasing confidence, competence or creating a better connection between participants or the sport, every single time we’ve delivered the workshops, coaches have come back to us and said “We’ve actually learnt something that is going to make us to do something different tomorrow.” For us, that’s the litmus test of good coach education – when people want to change their behaviours immediately as a result of a course they’ve been on.’

‘While coach education on the whole is evolving, there is a limit to what traditional qualifications can do in terms of developing coaches’ soft skills. These workshops really help to fill an important gap in coach development, in terms of improving their practice, and soft and personal skills, helping to make more effective coaches. Any time you find something that really empowers coaches to look reflectively at their practice but also change their behaviour, it’s got to be a good thing. For us, that’s the litmus test of good coach education – when people want to change their behaviours immediately as a result of a course they’ve been on. We think these workshops are the best products available.’

CJ Lee, Coaching Development Manager,
Sport Hampshire & IOW (SHIOW)

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