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'How to Deliver Engaging Sessions'


West Yorkshire Sport logoWest Yorkshire Sport is one of the 49 county sports partnerships (CSPs) across the country and connects providers of sport and physical activity such as governing bodies of sport, local authorities, schools, colleges and universities and local clubs to work together to increase the number and quality of opportunities for people in West Yorkshire to take part in sport.


Les Ford, the Coaching Development Manager at West Yorkshire Sport, is responsible for the development of coaches and coaching at all levels across the county, ensuring there are active, skilled and qualified coaches to meet locally identified demands.

Les wanted to equip coaches so they could work on the national Sportivate programme, which aims to encourage 14–25 year olds who are not currently taking part in sport to participate in coached sessions for six weeks and then hopefully continue their chosen sport by joining a club.


Les found out about UK Coaching's workshop ‘How to Deliver Engaging Sessions’ and volunteered to be part of the piloting as he felt it would be of real benefit to the coaches he was recruiting for the Sportivate programme.


Les was very impressed with the practically based workshop:

'As with all UK Coaching workshops, it allowed the coaches to reflect on their coaching and think ‘how can I improve what I do?’ And the key message was to adapt coaching sessions according to the participants’ needs. People re-engaging with sport, such as young mums or young people who didn’t enjoy sport at school, often want a social experience as well as learning new skills. They may lack confidence in their ability, and the workshop teaches coaches how to approach coaching these types of participants, which is very different to coaching, say, a group of eight year olds.

'I would definitely recommend UK Coaching's ‘How to Deliver Engaging Sessions’ workshop. It’s especially relevant at the moment as we are trying to encourage people who have been inspired by The London 2012 Olympic Games to take up or get back into sport. If someone has previously had a bad experience of sport, a coach has only really got one chance to re-engage them, and this workshop will equip them with the skills to do just that.'

Les Ford, Coaching Development Manager, West Yorkshire Sport

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