Promoting Your Workshops

Six ways UK Coaching (formerly Sports Coach UK) can help you promote your workshops for free:

1. Embed our great workshops video into your website.

Are you aware of the online video that can give your potential delegates an insight into what a UK Coaching workshop is like? We recognise it can be difficult for you to convince coaches of the benefits of giving up their valuable time to attend your workshops. So showing people what the learning will be like, who they will be learning from and, crucially, what other coaches think of the workshops can be tremendously beneficial when promoting your workshops. All you have to do is click the ‘Share’ button on the video. Then you can either post a link to the video using the shortened URL provided or click the ‘Embed’ button and ask your web editor to paste the HTML code generated on to your website.

Watch tutors, delegates and organisers talking about the UK Coaching workshop experience.

2. Liven up your website by using quotes and video clips.

Do you take advantage of all there is available on the ‘What Coaches Think’ page of our website? There are plenty of case studies of coaches revealing how they have benefited from attending the different workshops, and why they wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. It also contains video clips of coaches who have been on the workshops who were so impressed with the benefits to their coaching, they even testified to it on camera!

Take a look at all that’s available.

3. Make use of the editable email templates.

For some of our workshops, you are provided with an email template that you can add your logo and event details to. The emails are excellent for promoting your workshops as they are filled with useful statistics, testimonials and links to video and written case studies from previous attendees of the workshops.

When booking your workshops, we send you the relevant email template with your confirmation. It’s then just a case of following the simple instructions.

4. Embed the Workshop Widget into your site.

At the bottom of each workshop listing on the sports coach UK website, there is a ‘Publish this to my website’ button. This generates HTML code you can use to embed our workshop listings into your website. Once embedded, all local events for that workshop title will be displayed on your website and automatically update with new information.

Take advantage of this great online tool!

5. Request copies of our booklet promoting workshops.

Interactive and practical hands-on learning to develop your coaching’ is a handy booklet that gives coaches an insight into how they can benefit from attending UK Coaching workshops. It contains case studies and recommendations from coaches who have been on the workshops and recognised the impact attending had on their coaching.

You can obtain copies of the leaflet by contacting the Workshop Booking Centre on 0845-601 3054 or emailing [email protected].

6. Take advantage of a @_UKCoaching retweet

An easy way to raise awareness of your workshops is to make sure you copy us into any tweets you do promoting them. All you need to do is make sure you include @_UKCoaching and we’ll retweet it to our 30,000+ followers. It’s that simple!

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