What is Talent?

This is the first workshop in the Talent Foundation Series. Your coaches will explore the definition, understanding and research associated with talent in sport, discussing the implications for them and their athletes/players.

Because the nature of talent development is so varied, no workshop you organise for your coaches to attend will be the same as another. Your delegates’ experience will be very much focused on what they and the rest of the group want to get out of that particular session, enabling them to get a highly relevant, personalised experience.

Your Coaches Will:

  • share current academic research regarding giftedness and talent, and be challenged to apply it to their own contexts
  • explore the concepts of nature versus nurture, the interaction of biological, psychological and social factors, and the links to mindset
  • be checked and challenged to reflect on the talent systems they work within, and share their experiences with coaches from other sports

This is an exciting opportunity for your coaches to gain further insight and share knowledge with other coaches working in similar talent settings.

'We ran the Talent Foundation Series of workshops for a group of our coaches, and it was a really positive experience. The coaches benefited greatly, in particular from the ability of the tutor to relate discussions to the environment they were working in. We look forward to running more of the workshops in the future.'

Nicky Fuller, Consultant Director of Coaching, British Showjumping

How to Organise this Workshop

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Further Information:

Please note there is no resource for this workshop. If you have any queries contact the Workshop Booking Centre by email or telephone: 0845-601 3054.

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