Coaching Children 5-12: The Next Generation

This newly-evolved workshop draws together the latest research on the most critical topics intrinsic in the coaching of children between the ages of 5 and 12. Using the holistic ‘C’ system of coaching as a baseline, it will equip coaches with new tools to improve their soft and personal skills. And the exciting new chapters will be delivered in a practical way to provide those who attend with all the innovative techniques and cutting-edge information they need to become more effective coaches.

What Coaches Will Learn:

  • A mix of traditional and contemporary models of coaching and learning based on the development of participants’ technical, tactical, physical, mental and social competencies.
  • A detailed look at the 'C' system 1 model of coaching, and an introduction to Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU), cognitive considerations for coaching 5-12 year olds and understanding the importance of child physiology.
  • Fun and innovative practical techniques for keeping children engaged to blend with the pioneering academic theory.

Help coaches understand how their coaching fits into a much wider agenda than sport.

'It was nice to get a fresher outlook on coaching children, as you start to get in the same mindset and way of working over a period of time. It provided me with the stimulation to implement different ideas. And it was very active and very hands-on, which I found to be a good thing, as I think if you sit a lot of coaches in a classroom environment for too long people will start to switch off.'

Josh Stevenson, Notts County FC Football in the Community Development Manager.

Accompanying Resource

This workshop comes with a fantastic supporting resource Coaching Children 5-12: The Next Generation, which will help your delegates in their future coaching.

How to Organise This Workshop

It's simple. First, you inform us of your preferred date, time and venue using the workshop booking form.

Then, your UK Coaching workshop administrator will:

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After the workshop, we will then post certificates to the people who attended.

Further Information

You can print the details below in the handy, one-page workshop details (PDF)


3-hour workshop.

Number of Learners:

6 - 25 

Delivery Method:


Supporting Resource:

Coaching Children 5-12: The Next Generation Workbook

Facilities Required:

Practical space the size of two badminton courts.  All venues (for example, fitness suite, pilates, yoga or dance hall) must be accessible for all participants, including those who may have additional needs (eg wheelchair users).

Equipment Required:

Flipchart, paper and pens, floor mats (or alternative). Access to some basic equipment for the practical (eg balls, beanbags, rope ladders, scarfs, hoops, cones and other Primary School age equipment). Short theory section can be delivered through PowerPoint or on court.

Target Audience:

All coaches who work with children, or coaches who work with young people or adults that require fundamental movement skills support.  Also ideal CPD for Primary School Teachers. 

You might also be interested in organising the ‘How to Coach the Fundamentals of Movement’workshop for your coaches. Together with Coaching Children 5-12: the Next Generation, this will form part of a mini-suite of workshops to help your coaches in their journey towards becoming an outstanding children’s coach.

Workshop Summary:

The objective of this workshop is to help coaches develop creative methods of delivering development stage appropriate coaching session to children that incorporate:

  • The ‘C’ System of coaching
  • Physiological development principles
  • Cognitive development principles
  • Positive Behaviour Management
  • Games Based Learning
  • The Youth Physical Development Model.

Workshop Outcomes:

At the end of the workshop, delegates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate through a series of practical activities how the key concepts can be integrated into coaching children
  • Understand the importance of these key concepts in coaching children and the role in their physical and cognitive development
  • Understand the ‘C’ system and its relevance, and apply it to effective coaching
  • Develop, design and deliver their own sessions based on the concepts shared.


£250 (for 6-25 learners) plus £12.99 per attendee (for the supporting resource).

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