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Within this section you will be able to download slides, tutor notes and handouts for the workshops you are accredited to deliver.

The following links are available to the sports coach UK workforce that are accredited to deliver the workshop titles (PLEASE NOTE: you will need to be logged in). If you are unable to view the workshop materials that you are accredited to deliver, complete the Request Access to Coach Workshop Materials form. If you require further assistance with access please contact us on 0845 6013054.

UK Coaching Rebrand

On 22 May 2017 Sports Coach UK rebranded to UK Coaching.

This doesn’t mean any changes to our workshop offer. As we are having a phased approach to our rebrand all current workshops will remain under the Sports Coach UK brand for a limited period or until the contents are due to be renewed. At this point, we will change the branding of the individual workshop to that of UK Coaching.

Delivery of the workshop will not change. You can continue to deliver the workshops you currently deliver. When the workshop is redesigned in line with our new brand you will be provided with instructions per individual workshop. Included on this page is a single slide for you to include at the beginning of your workshop to use in the interim to explain the rebrand to attendees.

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