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Q. I believe there is a gap in the equity course relating to transgender and sport and some of the issues that this brings to the voluntary and community sector.

I feel we (tutors) need more clarity on the subject which after all falls within the legal framework. Local sporting organisations, clubs and in some instances NGB's are not aware of the legal implications and focus for the club if they or members of their organisation handle this issue inappropriately and it concerns me.

Speaking to my fellow tutors the appear to share my concerns however I am not sure how many really appreciate some of the finer details.

I feel there are 2 calls for action:

  1. A factsheet on the practical and logistical implications of working with this client group (also the implication of parents and members for the club when dealing with this client group)
  2. NGB's defining their role in terms of competition, fair competition and codes of practice for officials and volunteers (clearly a lobbying role for sports coach UK?)

A. Sarah Cohen, Lead:
I have been doing some research around this issue and have found a number of articles/guidance notes in this area. they appear to be a little out of date, mostly dating from 2004 when it was decreed by the IOC that transsexual people were permitted to participate in the Olympic Games in Athens. The guidance therefore is out of date in terms of it not relating to the 2010 Equality Act but the rulings and therefore the guidance from it are still valid. 

  • DCMS/UK Sport's 'Transexual people and sport - Guidance for sporting bodies'
  • Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES) free workshops
  • The Australian Sports Commission also provides some guidance
  • Presentations from the recent Equity Day!

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