Impairment Specific Coaching Awareness Factsheets

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The National Disability Sport Organisations (NDSOs) are a collection of six sports charities who work closely with Governing Bodies of Sport and other sports partners to develop participation and competition opportunities within sport for people within specific impairment groups. The six NDSOs are:

Dwarf sport UK

Mencap Sport

British Blind Sport

UK Deaf Sport

Wheelpower – British Wheelchair Sport

CP Sport


The attached factsheets have been written by each of the five NDSOs (CP Sport to follow shortly). There are also 2 further factsheets attached which have been developed in conjunction with the National Autistic Society and provide coaching awareness around Autism and Asperger Syndrome. Finally an awareness factsheet around ADHD has also been developed.

These factsheets serve to upskill coaches and sports developers and raise awareness around specific impairment groups. Participants should always be treated as individuals and not defined by their impairment. This information provides a highly generic level of information and should be used as a reference point only. When coaching a disabled person speak to them about their abilities and aspirations in your sport. Never assume.

All factsheets have been developed in association with Nottinghamshire County Council, with grateful thanks.

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