What to Look for in a Coach

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Coaching varies - between sport, age and stage of development of participants and what participants want from sport - whether it is having fun, socialising, getting fit or competing. So there is no 'one-size fits all' approach.

However, all good coaching breaks down into three stages: Plan, Do, Review. Here are some pointers on things you should look out for.  


  • You should be able to see that the session has been well prepared and planned.
  • During the session the coach should be giving clear, concise instructions and explanations; providing key information so that activities can be started safely and quickly.


  • The coach should demonstrate a positive, encouraging approach during sessions and display appropriate values.
  • The coach should communicate well by using appropriate language for the participants and provide constructive feedback. This means focusing on what they should be doing to improve rather than simply pointing out where they are going wrong.
  • The environment should be safe, with appropriate, well-maintained facilities and equipment.
  • There should be enough coaches and adult helpers to ensure the session is safely supervised and that participants receive sufficient individual attention where necessary.


  • After the session, the coach should ask for feedback on how the session was received. This information will help the coach evaluate the session, judge how effective it was and decide what potentially needs to be done next time to make the session better.


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