Coaching Standards Group

The Coaching Standards Group (CSG) was established in 2006. Made up of professionals from the coaching sector, the group’s main function is to providing strategic advice and guidance on coaching standards, registration and licensing.

The group meets four times per year to play an integral role in supporting the sports coach UK coach education team to review the UK Coaching Certificate and shaping the future of the UK coaching standards in line with the UKCC endorsement process.

Role of the group

The Coaching Standards Group have the delegated responsibilities for the following:

  • Consider and make final decisions on the endorsement of UKCC submissions and confirm any appropriate conditions and recommendations.
  • Make recommendations to the Coaching Committee on the evolution of UKCC Qualification criteria and process.
  • Make recommendations to the Coaching Committee in respect of procedures and criteria for the registration and licensing of coaches and coach education workforce.
  • Make recommendations to the Coaching Committee on the development and implementation of standards in coaching including Licensing and Registration.

Member Profiles

Name: John Mills

Joining the group in 2012 during his time as a member John has played an integral role in shaping the UKCC criteria and endorsement process. As the Coaching, Education and Development Director for British Cycling John brings an understanding of the real world challenges associated with the development and delivery of coach education.

Name: Jane Booth

Joining the group in 2014 Jane has worked in the sports sector since 1997 and for the past ten years has headed up all aspects of coaching for The Professional Golfers’ Association. Jane was responsible for creating and embedding the ‘Right Coach; Right Place; Right Time’ vision for golf coaching across Great Britain and Ireland. Jane currently work as a leader, change agent and ‘chaser of dreams’ on a variety of projects within sport and business, with her key role currently as Head of Research for Moving Women Ahead.

Name: Christine Nash

Joining the group in 2009. Christine brings a higher education perspective to the discussion and decisions. Christine is a Lecturer in Sport and Physical Education at the University of Edinburgh.

Name: Anita Navin

Joining the group in 2014 Anita has managed the development and delivery of a number of UKCC qualifications at Level 4. Her role as the Head of School Sport and Exercise at the University of Gloucestershire allows us to consider the higher education element to the standards and endorsements.

Name: Alex Twitchen

Joining the group in 2015 Alex will bring significant experience of working with governing bodies and higher education to the group. Alex is Senior Lecturer in Community Sports Coaching and Sport Development at the University of Chichester.

Name: Robin Gregg

Joining the group in 2015 Robin is a lecturer in Coaching, sports development and management at Ulster University, School of Sport. Robin has significant experience of working with home country sports councils and coach development and coaching with a wide range of governing bodies at all stages of the coach development pathway.

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