Workforce and Inclusion team

Name: Mat Glasson

What I do: Strategic Lead: Workforce and Inclusion

Name: Nicola White

What I do: Development Lead Officer: Workforce

Name: Sarah Milner

What I do: Development Lead Officer: Inclusion

How I got here: Fell into this line of work and deeply love what I do. Ended up at sports coach UK in 2010 following a chequered work history from Selling car insurance in a call centre, Business analyst at a City-based Insurance firm, to helping set up an online hotel booking company (still running!) and then (via having two children) into project management at EFDS, managing a buddy scheme to support more disabled people to access the gym.

Greatest Achievements in Coaching: Not currently coaching so I would have to say managing and coaching my 13 and 10 year old sons!

Sporting Hero: Too many to mention as my heroes are the men and women out there who work full time, support a family and still have time to coach once or twice a week. True heroes!

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