Our Impact

Disability sports

Our vision: To help create an active nation inspired through great coaching.

Our mission: To put coaching at the heart of physical activity and sport.

Our purpose: To help transform lives through coaching.

As the central agency for coaching, established as the National Coaching Foundation by the Sports Council in 1983.

We know great coaching encourages people to be more active, more often. We also know there are much wider benefits involved, including physical and mental well-being, and economic, individual and social development.

Great coaching improves a person’s experience of sport and physical activity by providing specialised support and guidance aligned to their individual needs and aspirations. We’re here to support people who deliver great coaching and the organisations who recruit, support and deploy people using coaching skills. The work we do is vital to the success of:

  • Sport England in getting more people more active more often
  • UK Sport in nurturing high-performance athletes
  • Home Country Sports Councils to inform and support their coaching strategies
  • The association for Physical Education and the Youth Sport Trust for increasing skilled coaching in schools
  • A wide range of organisations in providing evidence-based insights and coaching expertise.

Our Annual Review summarises our achievements in 2016-17 (opens in new window). If you'd prefer a copy to keep, you can download the PDF.


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