Behaviour Change Tactics

Learn useful strategies to help people get active, and innovative nudge techniques to ensure they stay active

Behaviour change is a series of small steps taken over time as part of a journey. The goal of that journey may be to reverse unhealthy patterns of behaviour, such as an inactive lifestyle, and can be useful in other social areas, such as stopping smoking or implementing a healthier diet.
In this two-hour workshop package, which includes pre and post-learning activities, you will be provided with the tools and tactics to ensure your participants develop and maintain the incentive to create lasting change in their lives. Every coach needs to be a good people person, and learning behaviour change tactics will help you significantly hone those softer skills.

Duration: 2-hour workshop with pre and post-learning activities

Group size: 6-25

You Will Learn How To:

  • Use EAST (Easy, Attractive, Social, Timely) as a simple framework for achieving behaviour change.
  • Master simple strategies that can influence behaviour and ensure participants keep coming back to sessions and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Identify the individual needs, motivations and goals of participants, and how to tailor your coaching methods to suit them

‘The workshop was very much focused around a participant’s journey to becoming active and staying active, with hints and tips on how to keep people in that maintenance phase of behaviour change and what we as instructors or coaches can do to encourage participation but also discourage lapses and enable people to come back to the sessions.

‘The main thing I took away from the session were little tips on what I can do in my own personal progression as an instructor or a coach. I learned some handy nudging tactics – for example how a text, phone call or use of social media can bring people back to the activity – and how looking at making activities accessible and a social thing to do is as important as the activity itself.’

Louise Bonsor, Fit 4 Life Guru

Accompanying Resource

You will receive a copy of our Behaviour Change Tactics booklet at the workshop to guide you in your future coaching.

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