Coaching Children (5-12): The Next Generation

Reinvigorate your approach to coaching children

Our newly-evolved workshop incorporates the latest research on essential topics that are intrinsic in the coaching of children between the ages of 5 and 12. This is an exciting chance for you to reconsider the emphasis of your coaching and enhance the experience of your young participants. The new chapters will be delivered in a practical way to provide you with all the innovative techniques and cutting-edge information you need to become a more effective coach.

Duration: 3 hours (practical)

Group size: 6-25 

You Will:

  • learn a mix of traditional and contemporary models of coaching based on the development of participants’ technical, tactical, physical, mental and social competencies.
  • take a detailed look at the holistic ‘C’ system of coaching to equip you with new tools to improve your soft and personal skills.
  • be introduced to the principles of Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU), cognitive considerations for coaching 5-12 year olds and understanding the importance of child physiology.
  • learn fun and innovative practical techniques for keeping children engaged to blend with the pioneering academic theory

"It was nice to get a fresher outlook on coaching children, as you start to get in the same mindset and way of working over a period of time. It provided me with the stimulation to implement different ideas. And it was very active and very hands-on, which I found to be a good thing, as I think if you sit a lot of coaches in a classroom environment for too long people will start to switch off"

Josh Stevenson, Notts County FC Football in the Community Development Manager

Accompanying Resource

You will receive a copy of Coaching Children 5-12: The Next Generation at the workshop.

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