A Head for Talent

Gain further insight and share knowledge with other coaches working in similar talent settings

This is the second workshop in the Talent Foundation Series and is for high-performing coaches with an interest in talent development, working, or having a desire to work, with emerging athletes within the England Talent Pathway. You will explore the key concepts and challenges of growth mindset and attitude, discussing the implications for you and your athletes/players with coaches from other sports.

Because the nature of talent development is so varied, your workshop experience will be very much focused on what you and the rest of the group want to get out of that particular workshop, meaning you get a highly relevant, personalised experience.

Duration: 3 hours

Group size: 6-25

You Will:

  • share current academic research regarding mindset, and be challenged to apply it to your own contexts
  • explore how mindset could inhibit or accelerate learning and development, and be challenged to discuss how your coaching practice encourages a growth attitude
  • be checked and challenged to reflect on how you address the themes of mindset in your coaching, and share with coaches from other sports.

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