How to Coach the Fundamentals of Movement

By attending this new, practically based workshop, you will learn how to nurture physically confident children and adults – key to a healthy and active lifestyle. The workshop has been updated to reflect the latest thinking presented in the Youth Physical Development Model (YPDM). As well as providing you with a thorough grounding in fundamental movement skills, it will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to incorporate key elements into every one of your sessions – irrespective of the age group you coach. It uses as its framework the latest evidence-based research that isolates which movements and competencies children should have at particular stages in their development, right through to adulthood.

What Coaches Will Learn:

  • understand what fundamental movement skills are and why they are important
  • understand the process of observing and correcting movement skill competency
  • design and deliver warm-ups that promote movement skill development.
  • design and deliver body weight management training exercises that promote developmentally appropriate movement skill development.

New and improved coaching model

‘The workshop is an evolution on what’s gone before and we’re hoping coaches will enjoy the new approach. We’re confident that what we’ve put together has a strong evidence base. The feedback from those organisations we’ve trialled the workshop with has been extremely positive.’

Dr Jon Oliver (Co-founder of the Youth Physical Development Model around which the workshop has been designed)

Integrating fundamentals into my coaching practice has reinforced how essential they are in skill development, participant engagement and sport performance. The course has allowed me to develop greater awareness of the importance and role of fundamentals when coaching children and adults through experiential learning and to be able to design related activities for use in the practice setting.

Richard Cheetham – Senior Fellow in Sports Coaching at the University of Winchester

For coaches who work with all ages and abilities

All coaches who work with children and young people should have an understanding and knowledge of how to implement fundamental movement skills, which underpin successful participation in a wide variety of sporting activities. Fundamental movement skills play an important role in the delivery of the PE national curriculum for Key Stages 1 and 2 and will be ideal CPD for Primary School Teachers.

Accompanying Resource

You will receive your copy of  How to Coach the Fundamentals of Movement at the workshop.

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