How to Deliver Engaging Sessions for Adults

Expand Your Coaching Knowledge and Reap the Benefits

Ultimately, how people feel about your first few coaching sessions will ensure they keep coming back again and again to enjoy their sport. This workshop will develop your coaching skills, equipping you with the essential knowledge to ensure new participants do just that.

Duration: 3 hours (includes practical element)

Group size: 6-25

You Will:

  • learn about new participants’ needs, including how to build their self-confidence
  • increase your knowledge about how best to meet the needs of different participant groups, helping you to recruit and retain new participants to your sessions
  • find out about the ‘C’* system of coaching and learn how to include them in your coaching through the use of practical examples
  • be able to use relevant adapted planning material for both longer-term and session planning.

"I really enjoyed the course and the supporting resource is very good and helpful. I came away with plenty of practical ideas to implement in my sessions, which have made a big difference to the way I coach. As a result, the girls have been able to take more ownership and have felt more involved and engaged in the sessions. This has led to them having a more enjoyable experience, with their levels of enthusiasm and motivation increasing. Most importantly, though, they continue to participate."

Yolanda Owen, Level 2 junior netball coach, Challow Netball Club

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95% of delegates agreed the sports coach UK tutor performance was good/very good overall for this workshop**.

88% of delegates rated this workshop 7 out of 10 or higher**.

Accompanying Resource

You will receive a copy of How to Deliver Engaging Sessions: Developing Adults and Young People Through Sport at the workshop. If you can’t attend the workshop, you can buy the resource at our shop,

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*The Cs are: connection; confidence; character; creativity; caring and compassion; and competence.

**Statistics taken from evaluations of 1 April 2013 – March 31 2014 workshops.

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