How to Deliver Engaging Sessions for Young People

Expand Your Knowledge so 14–25 Year Olds Keep Coming Back for More

Sport England’s research shows a dropout rate across most sports around the ages of 14–25. This is a practical-based workshop that will develop your coaching to help you better meet the needs of this age group. Through the use of practical examples you will learn about new participants’ needs, including how to build their self-confidence, motivation and self-esteem. This in turn will help you improve the coaching experience of young people and help to ensure they keep coming back for more sport.

Duration: 3 hours (includes practical element)

Group size: 6-25

"This was such a fun and informative workshop that I would have no hesitation in recommending it to all coaches. Having the course delivered by someone so knowledgeable and passionate about coaching added to the experience as his enthusiasm oozed across the course, and he was very infectious. It’s had a massive impact on the way I coach, with attendance and retention at my sessions improving dramatically. I found it fascinating that so many of the ideas/games are transferable to your own sport. It speaks volumes that I would go again!"

Laura Hankin - Badminton SmashUp Activator and Level 1 Football Coach and Referee

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You Will Learn How to Identify:

  • different stages of young people’s participation development
  • differences in coaching styles that meet young people’s requirements
  • differences in coaching styles in different environments: schools, satellite clubs, colleges, universities and clubs.

Plus, you’ll understand and be able to include the ‘C’ system* approach in your coaching, helping to aid the development of your athlete/team.

"'How to Deliver Engaging Sessions for Young People’ is a great chance for all coaches to increase their knowledge. No matter what your sport is, attending will give you a great insight into how you can further develop your practice, which will help the young people you coach in the long run."

Jessica Coates, Level 2 Basketball and Football Coach

"As coaches, we can sometimes be stuck in a rut for a long time, thinking we know best and there isn’t more to learn. But we don’t! I would recommend ‘How to Deliver Engaging Sessions for Young People’ because it will help you develop your coaching and help your club move forward. The workshop has played a big part in helping me to build on the good work we were already doing at the club."

Paul Lysaght, Senior Level 3 ABA Coach

100% of delegates rated this workshop 8 out of 10 or higher**.

100% of delegates agreed the sports coach UK tutor performance was good/very good overall for this workshop**.

Accompanying Resource

You will receive a copy of How to Deliver Engaging Sessions: Developing Adults and Young People Through Sport at the workshop. If you can’t attend the workshop, you can buy the resource at our shop,

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*The Cs are: connection; confidence; character; creativity; caring and compassion; and competence.

**Statistics taken from evaluations of 1 April 2013 – March 31 2014 workshops.

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