How to Deliver Engaging Sessions: A Guide for Developing Adults Through Sport Workshop Case Study

Why ‘How to Deliver Engaging Sessions: A Guide for Developing Adults Through Sport’ benefited Yolanda Owen’s Coaching


Who: Yolanda Owen

Where: Challow Netball Club, Wantage, Oxfordshire

Title: Level 2 junior netball coach

Why I Chose to Attend this Workshop:

"I’m a fairly new coach and have been coaching netball for three years. I coach girls aged 11–15 and have found there is quite a high dropout rate in this age group. Things like peer pressure, the fact they don’t want to look sweaty, and the hormonal changes they are going through, means keeping girls of this age motivated to play netball can be quite tough. It was the course title that sparked my attention. I thought 'great, if I can make them really engage with training sessions I’m more likely to keep them motivated and want to keep attending'."

How the Workshop has Impacted on my Coaching:

"For me, the reassuring thing was that it’s all part of the “C” system of coaching. As a club we were probably doing most things already, but bits here and there can be improved. The main thing that the workshop brought into focus for me was getting the players more involved – not just participating in the sessions but also in the planning of the sessions, as well as giving feedback to coaches and their teammates. Since I went on the course that’s what I’ve been working on mostly. For example, after a match now, no matter how we have done, we’ll talk about how they can improve, what let them down, and what they did well. Then I’ll ask them to go away and email me about what they think we need to work on in our next training session. So that’s how we’ve started implementing what I learnt – having the young players leading what it is they want to be coached. We didn’t do any of this until I went on the workshop.

"I’ve then taken it a step further as some players in the group are interested in coaching. I get them to come up with a plan for part of a session and they then lead that part for their teammates, which helps them feel more involved.

"In the past it was always me giving the feedback and it was always done in such a way they could take something positive away from each session, as well as something perhaps we can all work on as a team. But now, as a result of the workshop, I ask all players to give their feedback on what they feel they need to improve on. This ensures they are given the opportunity to express their opinions on how the group can progress in a positive and constructive manner.

"Giving the players a degree of ownership was the most important thing I came away with from this course – that and the supporting material. As a result they are more engaged, and because they’ve put something into the sessions themselves, I’ve got them more interested and motivated to keep coming back for more."

Why I Would Recommend this Workshop:

"Even for very experienced coaches I think this workshop and its supporting resources are terrific. In particular, the resource goes through all the workshop content, like the “C” system of coaching and talking about short-term needs and long-terms goals for each session. It also includes some really good practical ideas about how you can go about achieving these goals. I liked the way it was very generic and not sport-specific, which was a great advantage. Most coaches possess a wide range of knowledge of different drills and activities you can do, but this is good in that it looks beyond the actual detail of the individual session. It goes into more detail about building confidence, self-esteem and motivation, which is something that might get lost in the detail of planning a session."

"I really enjoyed the course and the supporting resource is very good and helpful. I came away with plenty of practical ideas to implement in my sessions, which have made a big difference to the way I coach. As a result, the girls have been able to take more ownership and have felt more involved and engaged in the sessions. This has led to them having a more enjoyable experience, with their levels of enthusiasm and motivation increasing. Most importantly, though, they continue to participate."

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