UK Coaching Framework

The UK Coaching Framework has provided the coaching industry with a common vision and a practical reference point to drive the development of excellent coaching practice over the period 2013-17. 

Through eight components, the UK Coaching Framework guided the development of coaching across the UK.

The links on the right hand side of this page will take you to the main UK Coaching Framework document and factsheets for the eight components.

In 2015 the UK Coaching Committee, a stakeholder group comprising of Sports Coach UK, UK Sport, Sport England, sportscotland, Sport NI and Sport Wales, initiated work to evolve the UK Coaching Framework through a better understanding of:

  • What might the UK coaching system look like in 2026?
  • What trends and societal changes will influence coaching?
  • What direction does coaching need to take to keep up with those trends?

As such it commissioned 'Future Foundation' to review the demographic, societal, cultural, geographical and technological trends that will impact on sport and coaching over the next ten years and to identify opportunities for coaching to evolve and thrive.

The Future of Coaching report, supported by the Coaching Committee, concluded with four aspirations for coaching by 2025:

  1. Coaching recognised for the benefits it brings to society.
  2. A flexible and agile workforce reflective of society.
  3. Coaching developed to meet the full range of customer motivations.
  4. Coaching embracing technology.

To enable the sector to achieve the aspirations, the report also advocated a broader definition of coaching, which reflects the wide range of coaching roles and the variety of reasons why people play and engage in sport and activity:

“Helping and inspiring all people to achieve their sport and activity goals whatever their ability, ambition and motivation."

More information, tools and resources will follow in due course.

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