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It’s Here. UK Coaching Week 2020!

Get involved in this year’s celebration of #GreatCoaching:

  • Make a #GreatCoachingPledge to 'Support Your Coach'
  • Follow the campaign #UKCoachingWeek2020
  • Share your #GreatCoaching stories
  • Nominate your 'UK Coaching Hero'

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We develop inspiring coaches to bring #GreatCoaching to the lives of millions

While the spread of COVID-19 is continuing to prove a major challenge for coaches, it cannot stop you gathering knowledge and growing your skills.

As well as providing advice on delivering great coaching sessions, we will continue to share and interpret up-to-date government guidance regarding the phased returns of coaches to coached activity.

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#UKCoachingWeek2020: Show Your Support

Make a #GreatCoachingPledge

Everyone can get involved in the #GreatCoachingPledge – from parents, players and athletes to clubs, charities and businesses – to recognise and support the people who provide #GreatCoaching to their communities.

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Nominate Your UK Coaching Hero

‘UK Coaching Hero’ Awards

For people who implemented #GreatCoaching ideas and made a difference to others during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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#GreatCoaching Stories

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Explore the timely topic of returning to coaching and the practical measures that coaches will have to take

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Join the Conversation

Coaching while social distancing: how will it work for you?

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STEP Back into Coaching with Confidence

In our online community ConnectedCoaches we have shared practical measures coaches can take to help them manage social distancing in their sessions whilst retaining the central components of safety, fun, creativity, challenge, social engagement and skill development.

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New Resources

  • United! United! Football Managers’ Extraordinary Power to Unite a City

  • A Guide for Those Coaching or Thinking of Coaching Their Own Children

  • A Guide to Getting to Know Your Participants’ Parents

  • When Dads Go Bad: Tackling Misbehaving Parents

  • A Conversation with Per Mertesacker on his Mission to Assemble an Arsenal of Top Gunners

  • Understanding Your Coaching Influences with Per Mertesacker


Popular Resources

  • Safeguarding and Protecting Children – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Encouraging Fundamental Movement Skills

  • Coaching in The UK

  • Managing Behaviour in Sport: What Works?

  • Key Movement Cue Cards

  • Coaching People with Asperger Syndrome


Coaching Courses

Our Newsroom

  • Thought leadership article: Galvanising the business community into supporting coaches

  • Medals to honour the coaching heroes of the coronavirus lockdown

  • UK Coaching urges the nation to pledge support for coaches as UK Coaching Week 2020 begins


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Building Rapport

Connecting, earning respect and handling tough conversations.

Physical Skills

Developing fitness and physical movement skills safely.

Mental Skills

Igniting positive behaviours, motivation and resilience. 

Differing Needs

Adapting sessions for people with disabilities, neurodiverse and health conditions. 

Welfare and Safety

Ensuring safety and well-being.


Planning Ahead

Save yourself some time and improve their experience.

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