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Everyone can remember that inspirational teacher at school who just ‘got you’. The teacher who understood how to motivate, caught your imagination, made you think differently and supported you in achieving a goal that you determined yourself.

People often say that sport changed their life, but when you ask how, or what they mean, they frequently talk about the people in sport and how those people changed their life. Someone who supported them to be better, to be themselves or indeed to live the life they wanted.

Many people, without possibly even knowing it, use coaching skills to inspire others to achieve. Mums who nurture their children, managers and leaders at work who support their teams to achieve individually and collectively, kids who comfort their mates in difficult times.

Sport and physical activity provide a fantastic medium in which people can inspire and support people through coaching.

Coaching is about improving a person’s experience of sport and physical activity by providing specialised support and guidance aligned to their individual needs and aspirations.

What makes great coaching?


We are UK Coaching. Through our commitment to people, passion and progress, we’re taking the lead in coaching excellence. You can find out what we're here to achieve via our four year strategy 2017-21.

Coaching is changing...and so are we...

You’ll notice the name Sports Coach UK has been replaced with UK Coaching. That’s because we’re expanding our support as an organisation. We’re taking it wider than traditional sports because great coaching goes much, much further. Over the coming months you will see this replaced on all of our materials.

Don’t worry, we’re still the same content-driven coaching organisation. We just want more people to benefit from the support we offer.

All materials branded Sports Coach UK still have the same credit, and just because we’ve changed our name, it doesn’t mean they are suddenly out of date. They still retain their original shelf life.

To find out more about the great work that we’re doing as an organisation explore our website. If you can’t find what you need, you can always contact us.


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What We Do

We are the national agency for coaching, focused on recruiting, retaining and developing coaches.

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Our Impact

Why do we put so much effort into coaching? Because good coaches can transform lives and make a real difference to society.

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Dedicated people

Meet the Team

We are a team of dedicated people passionate about coaching in the UK.

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Who We Work With

Five home country sports councils, 46 national governing bodies of sport and 44 county sports partnerships.

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sports coach UK's blogs bring you views, comments and news from, and about, the world of sports coaching.

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