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Our ESG Mission and Commitment

Our mission is to make the nation happier and healthier through great coaching and create a greater awareness and effort to improve sustainability.

As the leading organisation for coaches of sport and physical activity, we know that great coaching alone is not enough to create a healthier and happier nation.

That’s why we continuously seek to improve and implement environmental, social and governance principles throughout the organisation and the wider community – with the result being that we help create a more sustainable future for our planet and every person on it.

It's vital that as an organisation, we both embrace and address environmental and societal challenges to not only create a vibrant coaching experience for every participant within physical activity and sport, but also to have a real-life impact on communities across the UK and beyond.

That’s why we are committed to:

  • mitigating our environmental footprint and working with our partners to achieve carbon neutrality
  • providing appropriate training and resources that support a sustainable environment, social and good governance practices
  • promoting a work environment that values Equality, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EEDI), policies and ensures that employees feel empowered to uphold them and contribute and participate in all aspects of the organisation, whilst being their authentic self
  • promoting and embedding EEDI across all we do; we will collaborate with external stakeholders and engage our target audiences to ensure that what we create is inclusive by design.

Download our Environmental Policy and Responsible Procurement Principles to find out more.

Our Values

Our values are not about 'me,' 'you,' or 'I,' and that's why we believe that change is only possible through collaboration. That's why we focus on the 'we' rather than the 'me.'


UK Coaching wants to be at the forefront of addressing and finding solutions for environmental, social and governance issues around the UK and beyond. That's why our aims are to improve how our workforce operates, provide accurate and engaging information to help build knowledge, and improve how we connect with our audiences."

Michelle Bramley, UK Coaching Board Member and Chair of the ESG Working Group

The World Has Changed, As Have We

The pandemic has taken a physical and mental toll on everyone. That's why we want to improve health and well-being through our many life-changing campaigns.


Prior to the pandemic, there were circa 3 million coaches who the nation could turn to. We estimate that 15-20% of that workforce have had to turn their energies to other personal priorities since then – none more affected than areas of economic deprivation.

To increase physical activity and sport participation and make the nation a happier and healthier place, we are pushing a large recruitment drive that we hope will grow the workforce to pre-pandemic levels at a minimum.

The #Born2Coach Movement

Women Who Coach: Toolkit

From powerful stories, tips on career progression, strategies for conquering gender stereotypes and more, this Toolkit demonstrates UK Coaching's commitment to creating a more diverse and inclusive coaching workforce and sporting landscape.

With women greatly under-represented in senior coaching positions and leadership roles, we shine a spotlight on how to break down barriers, increase self-confidence in female coaches and raise awareness of deeply-ingrained issues.

Access the Toolkit

UK Coaching Week

UK Coaching Week is the annual national awareness campaign which empowers athletes, coaches and the public to celebrate great coaching.

UK Coaching Week 2023 takes place June 5 - 11.

Join the countdown

ReTrain to ReTain

Volunteer coaches are crucial to the recovery of the nation. That’s why we launched our ReTrain to ReTain campaign – an ambitious £5million job retention and support package that prioritises volunteer coaches in England who live in an area of economic deprivation or who support under-represented groups.

ReTrain to ReTain

Strategic Environments

  1. Health: To better understand the learning and development needs of coaches wanting to, and currently working in, the health space with participants who have long-term health conditions, with the aim to maximise confidence and competence to work in this area.
  2. Sport for Development: To understand, support and collaborate across the sport for development space to ensure that those who coach, lead and mentor are equipped to deliver in a range of environments that aid social development.
  3. Education: To understand, support and collaborate across the education space to ensure that those who coach, lead and mentor are equipped to deliver at the highest stand within all education environments.
  4. Leisure to High Performance: To explore the support and development of coaches that work in leisure settings, within grassroots and community sport, through to talent and performance domains. Our work will support those, and the people that work with them, to improve their impact and enjoyment of coaching.