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Our Services

Our Support to Partners

Coaching is changing and in response we have broadened our horizons. We are not forgetting our core, traditional customers, we are simply realigning our priorities and delivering on a wider scale. As part of this approach we are:

  • providing a training and development programme that meets your needs. Examples include: Coaching Behaviours Framework, Learning for a Modern Society and Proving the Case for Coaching
  • delivering regular events for partners, such as the UK Coaching Conference, UK Coaching Awards and Applied Coaching Research Conference
  • communicating key messages on a regular basis through Partner Bulletins and targeted Partner Key Messages
  • connecting you with other relevant organisations to accelerate work and learn through Coaching Conversations, Structured Networking Events and Communities of Practice
  • sharing learning and best practice
  • providing an offer to partners designed by our technical experts that includes great content across talent and performance, participation, workforce, learning and insight.

Workforce Principles

It’s not just what we do but how we do it that matters. Coaching is at the centre of our work with partners; we model coaching in everything that we do. Coaching is our core service to partners.

How we will work with you

We will:

  • support you to recruit, develop and retain a diverse workforce that better reflects society and inspires an active nation
  • work with other organisations to develop standards and share best practice

We have listened to our partners and used over 10 years of insight to outline six simple workforce principles.

We will help you apply these principles to support the development of your workforce.

55% of those no longer in receipt of coaching said they might be encouraged to return to a coached session in the future

UK Coaching 2017

Our offer

The UK Coaching Offer currently sits across five key areas:

The Workforce Principles are at the centre of our offer. Our aim is to support you to support your workforce appropriately and effectively. We will use the principles to help you understand
your priorities. We have expertise, resources and learning aligned to each of these principles.

We are keen to work collaboratively across the principles and where we identify a common need we will bring people together to collaborate, learn and share.

We are committed to creating a more diverse workforce and have a range of readymade tools and resources that can be accessed to support priority groups.

Who it is for: All Partners

You can access a host of information including research content, publications and resources; survey data and reports.

We also run events for you including Research Hubs (talent, learning, participation and workforce); “Lunch and Learn” research events; and our annual research conference.

In addition to accessing research, you can write and submit articles to the new UK Coaching Applied Research Journal to be approved by an independent editorial board.
Making use of the UK Coaching Insight Offer can help you ensure you are equipped with the most relevant data when making decisions that will impact on coaching and workforce. It will also provide you with the opportunity to work with like-minded partners and share your challenges and concerns.

Who it is for: All Partners

Those in receipt of coaching were more likely to rate their physical or mental health as excellent or good compared to those not in receipt of coaching

UK Coaching 2017

Your workforce is a valuable asset and it is essential that they are developed and supported to a high standard. Access to the UK Coaching Learning Offer will provide you with the latest advice on learning and development in relation to coaching

You can access a range of our ready-made materials including:

  • all free learning content, publications and resources on the UK Coaching website and YouTube
  • learning research on UK Coaching website
  • UK-wide coach learning needs survey data and reports at a national level.

We can also provide you with signposting to information and guidance on qualifications and CPD endorsement processes as well as connections to other services and learning organisations.

You can also access light touch support with UKCC endorsement processes or attend drop in clinics on specific learning issues. We would also look to provide you with advice on implementing the recommendations from the UK Coaching Learning and Development Strategy.

Who it is for: All partners

Transforming Learning, Transforming Lives

The Transforming Learning, Transforming Lives handbook sets out our new approach to coach learning and development.


The offer will help partners to provide effective coaching to meet the needs of different participants with a focus on:

  • Creating a safe environment for children and young people
  • Developing a positive habit for children and young people
  • Engaging inactive people
  • Maintaining a lifelong habit
  • Coaching for other benefits
  • Inclusive coaching practices for all

Coaching Behaviours

Partners can help co-create and test our Coaching Behaviours Framework. We are mapping effective coaching behaviours in a number of areas:

  • Engaging inactive people
  • Maintaining a lifelong habit
  • Developing a positive habit for children
  • More behaviours to be developed in the future based on your needs and resource.

Communities of Practice

We want to explore Communities of Practice with you. Tell us:

  • what they look like
  • what are the key features that make them successful
  • what do coaches want from them

Overall the UK public thought that great coaching was constructive, friendly and approachable

UK Coaching 2017

Resources and Learning

We are keen to support you in packaging our ready-made materials into learning for coaches. This can include guides, resources, blogs, animations and workshops. Once complete we will evaluate the effectiveness of these  learning packages.


Where we identify a common need across a group of partners we can host learning webinars or face-to-face events to support.

Who it is for: All partners, get in touch to discuss our bespoke Technical Consultancy.

The offer will help partners develop their talent and performance system and support coaches to meet the demands of working within the environment. There are a number of programmes which you can get involved with that provide support and assistance across the talent and performance landscape to ensure a more diverse and fulfilled community of coaches.

A quarter of inactive coaches said they would like to return to coaching in the future

UK Coaching 2017


The Strive programme is designed to enable Coach Developers to explore coach learning, coaching behaviours and practice in a supportive and collaborative setting.

Who it is for: Strive is a cross-sport development programme aimed at identifying and developing coaching developers working with talented coaches.

Female Coach Connectivity Events

This programme consists of Four Female Connectivity Events providing coaches with the opportunity to meet likeminded coaches and share coaching stories.

Who it is for: Female coaches working within the talent pathway, regional pathway through to national age group stages of the pathway.

Women Into High Performance

Through a facilitated and reflective approach the coaches will develop skills, behaviours and knowledge required to flourish as they transition into, and remain within the high performance environment.

Who it is for: This is a bespoke programme aimed at supporting female coaches who have been identified as demonstrating the potential to transition into the performance environment in one to five years.

Those in receipt of coaching were most likely to select a coach based on the coach’s experience (72%), followed by personal and people skills (70%) and qualifications and training (65%)

UK Coaching 2017

Performance Foundation Coach Support

Provides localised support for coaches within a national programme. The support will be blended to include personalised provision, in situ coaching practice observations, one-to-one support,
cross sport learning opportunities and national events over an 18-month programme.

Who it is for: The coach will have been identified by the governing body (UK/GB) and are working with talented athletes within the talent progression pathway who have the potential to progress to the Podium Potential Stage.

Talent Consultancy

A bespoke, needs-led approach to coach development. Following an initial meeting where a potential need is identified we will work with you to support the design, development and where appropriate the delivery of the NGBs coach development system.

Who it is for: System and coach development support for governing bodies across the talent and performance pathway

Talent Foundation Programme

This is a localised coach support programme managed by the County Sports Partnership (CSP) coaching lead. CSPs will receive support including access to system builder resources, on-line coach development resources, a coach developer training event and the opportunity to become a Licensed Workshop Partner for the four Talent Foundation Series (TFS) workshops:

  • What is talent
  • Head for talent
  • Talent across the ages
  • Getting better,better.

Who it is for: Coaches working within the base of the talent pathway (first selective environment and regional stages).

82% of people being coached agree that the coaching they receive helps to improve their physical health

UK Coaching 2017

Talent Foundation Series

The Talent Foundation Series (TFS) is an excellent way of supporting coaches who have been identified by NGBs for future development and investment. The TFS will provide coaches with access to critical talent themes which are crucial for the development of talent.

Who it is for: Level two and above coaches working within the base of the talent pathway (first selective environment and regional stages). This may be directly; coach on the pathway or indirectly; coach working with a performer on the talent pathway as a ‘home’ coach.

Talent On-line

On-line resources for coaches, coach developers and system builders. The resources include ideas, thinking tools and information to encourage coaches to reflect on their coaching and enhance their practice.

Who it is for: Any coach, talent advisor, coach developer and system builder who wishes to develop their coaching and support coaches within the Talent and Performance domain.

Talent Toolbox

Provides a centralised resource area for partners wanting to support coaches in their development. The toolbox provides resources a coach may use to reflect upon and develop themselves including two coach learning journeys reflecting on your current reality: where you currently are, strengths and areas of improvement and future direction.

Who it is for: Partner system builders looking to engage with and support coaches working within the talent pathway.

Participants report positive benefits of coaching beyond improvement in skills and performance, including improvements in physical health and mental well-being

UK Coaching 2017

Workshops to Unlock your Coaches Potential

Whatever your organisation’s goals, embedding UK Coaching’s interactive and practical workshops into your learning programmes will upskill your coaches, giving them the essential skills and confidence they need to deliver Great Coaching experiences.

Below you'll find the options available to you, along with training available to upskill anyone in your workforce with a role to develop coaches.

Organise our Workshops for Your Coaches

We’ll come to you and deliver powerful and memorable learning experiences that remain with your coaches and have a lasting impression

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Deliver Our Workshops Under Licence

If you have your own tutor team you can save over 60% on each workshop you deliver, and take advantage of further benefits, by becoming a Licensed Partner.

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Bespoke offers to meet your needs

At UK Coaching we are constantly reviewing and developing new tools, solutions and training to meet your needs. If you have any specific requirements not outlined within the Coaching Services offer then get in touch.

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