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Developing the Person in Front of You

Training that upskills your tutors, mentors and coach developers by promoting a person-centred approach

Your staff are your most valuable asset.

Behind coaches sit tutors, mentors, anyone in the workforce with a role to develop coaches.

By investing in their development, you will enhance their ability, confidence and motivation and give them the essential skills needed to be able to deliver memorable learning experiences and thrive in their role.

Passionate About Developing Your People

UK Coaching excel at developing people.

We passionately believe in a person-centred approach and that those who support and develop coaches need to be able to CONNECT with and UNDERSTAND their coaches to enable them to THRIVE in their role and create great experiences for the people they coach.

Developing the Person in Front of You is a workshop where your workforce will develop and model a person-centred philosophy and hone their soft skills to enable them to have the greatest possible impact with each and every person they work with.

Underpinning the workshop are three core principles that sum up transformative coaching:


Identify and understand the needs of the person in front of you


Engage and connect with people


Create an environment in which people can thrive


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Tailored Training Designed to Meet your Organisation’s Needs

Our approach is to make sure the training we deliver is 100% relevant to you and your needs.

  • Who are your workforce?
  • What is your organisational culture?
  • What are the challenges you face?
  • What are your short and long-term workforce development objectives?

Once we’ve explored these questions, we would aim to tailor Developing the Person in Front of You to your specific needs; ensuring that your workforce gain the confidence they need to deliver unforgettable learning experiences within their own environment, and meet your organisation’s goals.


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A Case Study with the ECB

UK Coaching asked us about our programme and about what we would need and created something that would be suitable for that. To be able to put into practice training that is bespoke for our programme and works with our tutors was just what we were looking for.

Dan Garbutt, ECB lead for the All Stars tutor workforce

The ECB chose to team up with UK Coaching to add an extra layer of training and support to their All Stars tutor programme.

UK Coaching:

  • Worked with the ECB to understand the specific aims of the organisation and the programme, exploring in depth the wide-ranging needs of All Stars activators, and therefore the needs of the tutors.
  • Customised ‘Developing the Person in Front of You’ to suit the ECB’s needs, looking at the bigger picture and how the training was going to support them to deliver on their long-term objectives.
  • Delivered an engaging training session that upskilled their tutors and will be pivotal in helping the ECB to create a diverse coaching workforce.

Read more about the impact and effectiveness of the training UK Coaching delivered for the ECB.

Do you want to develop your tutors, mentors or coach developers?


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