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06 Jun 2018 1,070

CIMSPA and UK Coaching launch coaching professional standards

The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) and UK Coaching have today released the first sector professional standards related to coaching in the UK.

The new standards provide an agreed reference point of the knowledge, skills and behaviours required of coaching assistants and coaches, and will not only inform the development of future coaching qualifications and training but also support the effective deployment of coaches.

The new professional standards for Coach and Coaching Assistant have been developed by employers, supported by CIMSPA, UK Coaching and national organisations such as Association for Physical Education, Youth Sport Trust and ukactiveKIDS, who along with others make up the sector’s Community Sport Professional Development Committee.

Speaking about the new professional standards Emma Atkins, Director of Coaching at UK Coaching said:

“UK Coaching welcomes the launch of the first coaching professional standards. This is the start of a new era for coach development, qualifications and training that will give coaches clearer career pathways, a broader range of skills and help create an active nation inspired through great coaching.

“Great coaching puts the person first. The new standards will encourage more people to get involved with learner centred qualifications, embrace informal learning, and will raise awareness of the behaviours required in great coaching practice.

“Our collaborative goal now is to ensure the UK’s sporting bodies are fully supported in exploring how they can engage with professional standards and use them to develop coaches to meet the demands placed on them.”

Spencer Moore, CIMSPA Director of Strategy added: “CIMSPA would like to thank all members of the committee for their contribution to this important sector-wide project. In particular we are grateful for the expert technical support of UK Coaching in developing these standards.

“Our shared goal is that qualifications and training aligned to these standards will help coaches better engage with the inactive, open up a broad range of coaching opportunities, and allow them to demonstrate their expertise across many coaching contexts.

“We are looking forward to continuing our close partnership working with UK Coaching to realise the potential of agreed professional standards for our sector.”

The development of the Coach and Coaching Assistant standards included direct consultation with a wide range of sporting bodies, before an open consultation with the wider sector.

Also launched today were specialist standards for Safeguarding and Protecting Children, Working with Children and Working in the School Environment (Outside of Curriculum). The five new standards are the latest additions to the Professional Standards Matrix led by CIMSPA which, when complete, will provide clear career pathways for sport and physical activity professionals.

To find out more and to download summary versions of the coaching standards, visit the CIMSPA microsite.