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08 Feb 2018 109

Great Coaching to be recognised as UK’s first Coaching Week launches in 2018

UK Coaching has confirmed that 2018 will see the inaugural Coaching Week launched.

Taking place from 4-10 June, Coaching Week will see a week-long celebration of great coaching take place across the nation.

To mark Coaching Week, UK Coaching is inviting people across the UK to share when and where they have experienced great coaching. To help people know what they are looking for, UK Coaching is currently working with agencies to develop our Principles of Great Coaching, aimed to help define great coaching. These principles will help people recognise and understand great coaching.

Coaching Week will see great coaching celebrated across the nation, with UK Coaching working alongside a range of partners and national governing bodies of sport.

The week provides an annual platform to empower athletes and coaches to celebrate their community.

The week also aims to highlight the broader benefits of coaching and the fact that great coaching can inspire others and make a difference to people’s mental and physical well-being, as well as contribute to individual, economic and social development.

Over nine million adults in the UK have received coaching over the past 12 months with a broad range of benefits delivered to recipients.

A broader definition of coaching now exists to recognise the wider benefits it has on society, as well as incorporating the traditional coaching of teaching sport specific skills and knowledge.

UK Coaching is the leading organisation in the UK for coaching and will work closely with partners, athletes and coaches for the new annual event to create a platform to celebrate and recognise #GreatCoaching.

Emma Atkins, Director of Coaching at UK Coaching said:

“We are very excited to be able to launch such an exciting campaign and ensure Coaching across the UK is rightly celebrated.  We feel it is important for everyone to understand what to look for in a great coaching experience which our Principles of Great Coaching will help with.

“The exciting part of this campaign is to hear from the public about what they feel great coaching is for them as for coaching to be great it primarily must meet our own motivations which in turn allows us to utilise sport and physical activity to benefit and in many cases, transform our lives.

“Coaching Week will allow us to celebrate coaching throughout the nation, it is vitally important for us to help raise awareness of the broader benefits of coaching – we want to see everyone, from coaches, participants, parents and performers to all the organisations that deploy a coaching workforce, really gets behind this excellent initiative.”

Getting behind the campaign, Ollie Hynd, Paralympic swimming champion said:

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of coaching. Throughout my journey as an athlete, from grassroots to elite level, coaches have helped me across all elements of my life to allow me to develop and become the person I am today. I am looking forward to getting behind Coaching Week in June.”

Keep up to date with the campaign as it develops at www.ukcoaching.org/coachingweek