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28 Apr 2023 409

New UK-wide Concussion Guidance for Grassroots Sports

UK Coaching welcomes the new UK-wide concussion guidance for grassroots sports and are pleased to see direct action being taken to address this issue at every level of sport and physical activity

The agreed call-to-action of ‘if in doubt, sit them out’ has always been the position UK Coaching has advocated for, and the organisation is currently working on making resources available for coaches to help identify, manage and prevent concussions. 
This is a clear directive to coaches and everyone who delivers sport and physical activity to prioritise the safety and well-being of their participants. Grassroots coaches are often the first point of call and have the most important role to play in the prevention and management of concussion. 

UK Coaching is here for the coach and remain committed to ensuring those who are delivering sport are correctly supported and equipped to protect those taking part. As part of this commitment, UK Coaching continues to help raise awareness and will be supporting coaches in familiarising themselves with the necessary steps to take:

  • RECOGNISE the signs of concussion.
  • REMOVE anyone suspected of being concussed immediately.
  • RETURN safely to daily activity, education/work and, ultimately, sport.

Heather Douglas, Head of Coaching and Policy at UK Coaching, reflected on the announcement: 

We are pleased to see this positive step forward following the government’s commitment to shared guidelines in the Action Plan on Concussion from December 2021, and welcome more support and education for coaches to help take both preventative and responsive measures against concussion. It is vital we continue to take concussion in sport seriously and provide those who are delivering physical activity with extensive support to mitigate its risks.

"UK Coaching’s position has always aligned with the now agreed call-to-action of ‘if in doubt, sit them out’, and believe firmly that safety and well-being must always be the priority in any sporting environment. We are here to support coaches to be vigilant to any small risks that come as part of sport and physical activity, to know how to mitigate those risks and to respond if something goes wrong.

"Our responsibility to the three million coaches across the UK, and the many more who take part in physical activity, is to deliver clear and accessible support so that everyone is confident, comfortable, and competent when it comes to safety and welfare. Education and improvement start with coaching and coaches – we believe no one is better placed to understand and implement great practice for their participants than those who know them and their activity best."

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