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14 Mar 2024 1,994
Talent and Performance Coach Developer

UK Coaching invites performance pathway coaches to join FOCUS Programme

UK Coaching is welcoming applications from coaches working in the performance pathway for entry onto the 2024-25 FOCUS Coach Learning Programme

  • Coaches can apply themselves directly to UK Coaching. 
  • FOCUS has one cohort running across 2024-25 and will aim to support 100 coaches who are actively coaching within the performance pathway.
  • The FOCUS programme is aligned with the UK Sport Coaching Framework, which is aligned with the CIMSPA High Performance Coaching Standard. 

To all coaches operating in the performance pathway, we would like to inform you about a significant opportunity for professional development. 

The 2024-25 FOCUS Coach Learning Programme – part of the UK Coaching Coach Development Offer – is now open for applications. 

If you coach in an Olympic, Paralympic, or non-Olympic sport within the Home Nations, this cross-sport programme offers a chance to develop your coaching practice and deepen your understanding of:

  • performance planning
  • coaching behaviour
  • practice design
  • goal setting
  • coach and athlete relationship and communication
  • talent ID 
  • coaching within a performance team. 

Entry onto the programme promises to be a valuable step in your coaching career and a significant milestone in your coaching journey.

The programme is aimed at coaches who are:

  • coaching within the UK and or supporting UK Performance Pathway Athletes
  • committed to their own development and able to engage with the learning opportunities throughout the entirety of the programme
  • actively coaching on a regular basis within the UK
  • contributing to the delivery of coaching programmes over multiple seasons.

The FOCUS programme will provide tailored support based on your individual needs and context. It will raise self-awareness and support coach decision making by offering a blend of ‘just in time’ and ‘just in case’ development support – providing you with the right knowledge at the right time, as well as preparing you for future scenarios.

You will receive an exceptional level of support and be empowered to take ownership of your learning journey by being given the autonomy to explore the depth and breadth of your professional development. You will be challenged to think creatively, critically, and collaboratively, and supported to experiment, explore and apply your learning in diverse and dynamic situations. 

UK Coaching Coach Programme and Pathway Manager Chris Porter explains:

The Focus Learning Programme provides a unique opportunity for coaches from a diverse range of sports to learn together. Over the last three years, Focus has supported over 200 coaches, from more than 40 different sports, to critically reflect on their coaching practice, build self-awareness and make connections beyond their existing networks. 

“Engaging in ongoing learning and development is critical for any coach, and this learning programme places coaches at the heart of the process.

“This year, the Development Team is intensifying its collaboration and engagement with sports to help them leverage programmes such as FOCUS to bolster their internal coach development strategies and the coaching pipeline from Performance Pathway towards High Performance Coaching.”

If you are a coach and want to become part of the 2024-25 cohort you can apply via the button below.

Please be aware that this is a competitive process and in the past UK Coaching has been required to complete a short-listing process.  

Deadline date for coaches to apply is Thursday June 13, 2024.

If you would like to have an informal conversation about the FOCUS Programme, please contact us via email: [email protected]

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