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26 Sep 2018 288

UK Coaching welcomes Sport England Investment in Training to Target Attitude to PE in Schools

Sport England has announced it will invest up to £13.5 million investment in workforce skills by offering free training to 17,000 secondary school PE teachers to help foster a more positive attitude to physical education.

Heather Douglas, Head of Participation at UK Coaching said:
“We have seen the impact of a Primary PE and Sport Premium within Primary Schools across England that has included the creation of active schools, an increasing range of activities and opportunities for children to experience, the development of pupil leadership skills, and improved behaviour.

“Through this new investment, I hope this can be replicated in Secondary Schools.

Quality School Sport and Physical Education can hit so many outcomes of the national curriculum beyond just physical wellbeing. When delivered well it can also contribute to mental  and emotional wellbeing, fundamental values and fair play, teamwork, decision making and confidence.  If pupils have a great experience of PE and School Sport they are more likely to continue maintaining an active life into their adult years – this is extremely important if we are to create an active and healthy nation.

“Of course life can get in the way, especially at secondary school, the aim is to understand the wants and needs of young people and to increase the value of physical activity as part of that life”.