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19 Oct 2022 305

A statement from UK Coaching’s CEO on Reform 25

The Reform 25 action plan has been produced by British Gymnastics in response to the Whyte review.

Mark Gannon, CEO at UK Coaching said: “The most important part of sport is the people within it. Nothing is more important than the protection of all who take part in sport and physical activity, and across every level of activity.

“We welcome the action plan, Reform 25, produced by British Gymnastics in response to the Whyte review and the changes outlined within in it.

“We support the strategy for proactive education and learning to avoid issues arising in the first place. It is vital that all coaches understand that it is their responsibility to provide the best environment for success for their participants. To do this, coaches must provide a safe place for their participants to strive for their desired outcomes. That is why we encourage the coaching workforce at all levels to regularly refresh their knowledge and understanding of their duty to care and coaching practice.

“We are particularly pleased to see that complaints or concerns will be ‘acted upon, swiftly and robustly,’ and that there will be a system for ‘independent reporting and investigation: This ensures all parties are treated with fairness and respect.

“There is no place for abuse of anyone in sport and putting the actions outlined in Reform 25 in place will serve to protect everyone involved in gymnastics. It will also help promote best practice across the sector.”

For further information on the code of conduct for a coach and what a duty of care entails, please see our UK Coaching Code of Practice for Sports Coaches.

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