Do the benefits of coaching differ by sport?

Do the benefits of coaching differ by sport?

As part of the research for our Sports Coaching in the UK report we interviewed 10,000 people across the UK. One of the questions we asked was what were benefits of the coaching you receive? The top five benefits were:

  • Improved fitness (72%)
  • Enhanced fun (68%)
  • Learning something new (47%)
  • Improved performance (41%)
  • Develop sporting skill (38%)

More recently I decided to have a look at the results for individual sports to see if the benefits from coaching differed depending on the sport you played. The results suggested that the benefits of coaching do differ by sport, particularly the areas of skill and performance were some sports were significantly above average (although interestingly a key benefit of hockey coaching was that it improves fun).

To get a decent sample I had to rely on the larger sports so the list below is not complete but it shows the areas were coaching added an above average benefit.

  • Cricket: developing sporting skill and improving performance.
  • Football: improving performance.
  • Hockey: enhancing fun.
  • Netball: developing skill
  • Rugby Union: improving performance.

If you want to read the Sports Coaching in the UK report you can click HERE.


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