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Children’s Coaching Collaborative

Inspiring a child-first grassroots coaching movement

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The Children’s Coaching Collaborative (CCC) is a collective of like-minded organisations with a common purpose and desire to effect change for the better together. Recognising the role coaches play in enabling children’s enjoyment of physical activity, the CCC wants to create a nation of “child-first” coaches.



The CCC is underpinned by a moral and legal mandate which defines the case for child-first coaching:

  • The right to play: Coaching benefits children and young people when it empowers them to play freely and shape their own experiences.
  • The right to develop: All children and young people deserve an equal chance to develop through sport and physical activity. 
  • The right to be heard: Every child and young person should be seen, heard and valued in the coaching environment.

What is Child-first Coaching?

Child-first coaching is a science-backed playbook of techniques to support coaches in sustaining child participation by increasing their sense of fun, freedom and belonging.

Our challenge is to get more of the 2.1m coaches working with children across the country to shift from being COACH DOWN (controlled, one-size-fits-all, coach-led) to CHILD UP (responsive, inclusive, co-creators). By this, we mean to encourage coaches to collaborate with young people on sessions and goals and to centre the child’s voice in their practice. In doing so, we believe they will develop a genuine and lifelong love for being active.

Coaching Together Makes the Incredible Happen

When we play their way, every child wins.

By showing coaches the potential that they can unlock when they see the world of activity through the eyes of the child, the CCC is aiming to encourage them to collaborate with children and young people to build sessions based on fun, freedom and belonging, with the confidence that they aren’t compromising on safety or skills.

The Case for Change…

45% of children don't enjoy participating in sport / physical activity

Sport England’s Active Lives survey showed that 55% of children don’t exercise enough. This isn’t that surprising when only 45% of children strongly agree that they enjoy participating in sport / physical activity. This is disproportionately the case for marginalised groups. 

What Coaches Think

Quantitative Research

We’ve heard from 1,400 coaches working in this space to understand their characteristics, needs and aspirations


Qualitative Research

Focused exploratory research with a sample of over 50 coaches completed to understand a range of attitudes and approaches


Who's Involved?

The CCC Partners

The Children’s Coaching Collaborative is a collective of passionate, forward-thinking children’s coaches, educators, policymakers, and advocates kickstarting a child-first coaching movement that’s changing the game from the ground up


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Your Voice Matters

The CCC aims to create powerful grassroots collective action amongst coaches. To do this we must hear the views and experiences of coaches

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