Reach - Supporting women in coaching

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Reach is a national campaign run by sports coach UK and supported by many sports organisations around the UK. It has been created to raise awareness and inspire more women to get into coaching. We also want to make sure that once you are coaching, you are fully supported by the people you coach for, so you stay motivated to coach.

Whether you are thinking about coaching for the first time or want to improve your current coaching practices, Reach can support you.

Targeting women of all ages and backgrounds Reach reinforces the messages that coaching is about helping people of all ages and abilities to get active, stay active and get better while being active. It can be a sociable activity and is a way of giving back to your community and sport. All this whilst being a role model to encourage others into sport.

Women are currently under-represented in coaching. Research has shown that women do want to coach, providing the environment is right. However, sport is still regarded as a gendered activity which strongly favours men. By creating greater diversity in coaching, Reach will begin to address this and participants will benefit from having a choice as to who they are coached by.

The Reach website is a hub of information which will support women, celebrate their success in coaching through case studies, videos and photographs and also provide useful resources which will, in the long term, create a cultural change in coaching.

The Reach programme is also dedicated to supporting partners in their quest to get more women into coaching. By signing up on the website you can access further resources to help you support initiatives in your location area or your sport.

You can also sign up to becoming a partner of Reach on the website where you will then be given access to further resources and advice to support your initiatives.

Head over to the Reach website for all of the above and more:

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