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ConnectedCoaches is UK Coaching's online community for coaches of any sport or activity. It's a friendly and supportive place where members pool ideas and solve problems together, sharing their experiences for the benefit of the wider coaching community.

You can’t get away with coach talk 24/7 with family and friends, but you can come to ConnectedCoaches to discuss whatever’s on your mind – a challenging parent, a player who turns up late, how to engage those who seem disinterested etc – whenever you like.

At ConnectedCoaches we are driven by the belief that anyone coaching any form of physical activity make local communities better places.

Yet coaches in the UK can feel cut off, out on a limb, entirely understandable when many of you work single-handedly – as tireless volunteers – not only to coach, but also to talk to parents, motivate people to come along and find funding.

We work with members to make ConnectedCoaches:

  • friendly and welcoming
  • a much-loved and welcome support
  • a place to interact with others facing similar issues
  • somewhere you can conveniently visit to develop your coaching.

Members tell us that they are surprised by how useful it is to interact with coaches from other sports and activities, discovering how different clubs deal with similar issues. By sharing experiences and solving problems together, members are creating a free resource for all coaches. 

Join the community and you’ll find lots to help improve your coaching, including blogs, podcasts, videos, photos and conversations started in the many group forums. 

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What coaches think about ConnectedCoaches

‘ConnectedCoaches has given me practical ideas and solutions to help me develop and evolve the way I coach. The discussions are positive, passionate and supportive. The website has helped me feel more confident, and helped to improve the way I coach. It makes me feel connected rather than isolated. It's taken a long time, but I feel like I can join in with conversations, and I am thinking about starting one. Why? Because people are positive, encouraging and supportive. The best site for coaches in my experience of forums.

Steph Hart, netball coach

‘I started using ConnectedCoaches as a way of broadening my knowledge as a coach. By using it, not only have I broadened my knowledge, I am now also part of a vast community that supports, helps and encourages one another.  I cannot recommend ConnectedCoaches enough to my fellow coaches! It provides discussions from all aspects and all kinds of sports and not only develops current ideas but helps you create new ones!’

Sara Hilton, UEFA B License coach and Director of the North East Wales Performance Centre

I love being a member of ConnectedCoaches! There are always great topics and discussions being posted, which is brilliant as I love learning new things, developing and sharing ideas. I would recommend it to all coaches regardless of sport.’

Wendy Russell, Hockey coach and 2015 UK Coaching Awards Disability Coach of the Year

‘ConnectedCoaches has been a great resource for me and my coaching. It’s a place that has really challenged my own thinking and approaches.

I find this is a great place to discover creative ideas and honest opinions from a variety of different. You will be amazed at the depth of knowledge on offer!

Luke Thorpe, football coach

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