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Welcome to the Talent and Performance pages of the sports coach UK website. We hope that you will find the areas useful, informative, reflective and an area that aids your coaching practice.

We believe that talent comes from a combination of ability, inter personal factors, external factors over time in a high quality learning environment which is supported by the coach. Talent and Performance coaching is both rewarding and challenging, the complex nature of the environment creates superb interactions and opportunities for coaches to enhance their coaching practice, reflect upon their coaching philosophy, approach and behaviours to further enhance the performers engagement and progress.

The Talent Coach is tasked with creating a environment which is challenging, supportive and progressive to ensure that potential becomes a reality. We hope that the webpages provide insight, ideas and reflections that will help you become a better coach.


Talent In Five Coach-Athlete Animation

The importance of a coach-athlete relationship can be underestimated.

This Talent In Five animation explores the key ingredients for a successful one.

Cat looking at a lion in a mirror

The Talent & Performance Coaching team are using ‘blinks’ like the ones above to stimulate conversations with coaches.  What does this mean to you?

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Talent Coach Chatter

Got five minutes coach?

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