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PE Confidence Series


eLearning course

On-demand courses to help you overcome everyday PE challenges from 1st4sport.

Bite-sized, fun CPD for those involved in teaching primary PE or physical activities. All six courses in this bundle offer you the opportunity to learn-by-doing - through the medium of virtual, decision-making scenarios.

  • Introducing Competition in PE – discover some practical ideas to plan competitive activities that foster co-operation, teamwork and altruism.
  • Assessing Progress in PE – learn how to use regular summative assessments to monitor progress, set targets and inform their planning of subsequent lessons.
  • Organising Physical PE – discover some practical ideas for getting the equipment for your lesson, setting up the next activity, demonstrating activities, and getting pupils into groups.
  • Planning Physical PE – with good differentiation, the teacher will notice that the children are more engaged in their learning and as a result there is likely to be less incidents of low-level disruption and they will make good progress.
  • Managing Behaviour in PE – gives teachers clear rules and routines for behaviour and for promoting good and courteous behaviour in classrooms and around the school site
  • Mentoring in PE – with good mentoring, teachers feel valued by their school and listened to, rather than simply conforming and doing what they are told.

You can work through the modules independently - at your own pace. Dip-in when you have a specific challenge. Or do like some forward-thinking PE leads do and complete them in groups for a more social, learning experience as part of a wider learning programme.  

Who are the courses for?

  • Teaching staff, timetabled to deliver primary PE or wishing to deliver extra-curricular activities, who aren't PE specialists
  • Student primary teachers who may or may not be specialising in PE

  • Coaches delivering PE, sports or physical activity sessions in primary schools

These courses are for teaching staff in primary schools, who would like to learn tactics to overcome the challenges of teaching PE.  And for coaches who would benefit from learning strategies and techniques to deal with the challenges of coaching in a school environment.

This PE Confidence course bundle does not intend to replace face-to-face, full-day courses. That said, it is an excellent and affordable alternative for helping all teaching staff, not just PE specialists, improve their practice.

What’s different about these courses?

Welcome to a new style of online learning! If you’ve ever experienced online learning before you may have a poor opinion of it. Elearning can be a dull experience - full of online reading exercises and quizzes with little opportunity to practice decision-making.

By recounting stories of real-life challenges that occur in schools and putting you at the heart of the action, these courses let you and your colleagues practice decision-making skills in a virtual environment. The conflicting advice presented throughout serves to build your resilience to overcome barriers you may encounter along the way.

What’s more, by showing you the consequences of decision choices and giving you the space to try again – as many times as you want - without fear of anyone looking over your shoulder, they help you gain a deeper, longer-lasting understanding.

The result: you'll finish the courses making it a high priority to try-out your new skills – right away.

Here's an example of one of the challenges you will encounter:

Subject specialists - Pivotal Education and Rachel Mackinney - shared their experiences of observing teachers in action and understanding their real-life challenges. And the 1st4sport team combined their expertise on PE teaching, storytelling, digital and learning design to create this fun learning.

What time commitment will I need to make?

Its entirely up to to you. You can dip in when you need to or work through the journey for an immersive learning experience.  

Each module should take approx. 40 minutes to complete but you may take longer if you choose to repeat the scenarios in order to deepen your knowledge.

PE Confidence Series

On-demand courses to help you overcome everyday PE challenges from 1st4sport.

Total price: £50.00
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