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UK Coaching, Mind and 1st4sport

Mental Health Awareness for Sport and Physical Activity

Gain the confidence to be able to support people experiencing mental health problems, and help them to thrive inside and outside of your sessions

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One in four people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year. Completing this course will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to better understand and support people living with mental health problems, and create a positive environment that ensures they enjoy the benefits of being active and keep coming back for more.

The four modules will increase your knowledge and understanding of mental health, providing you with the practical skills and strategies to be able to:

  • build people’s resilience, self-esteem and confidence
  • adapt your sessions to make them more inclusive
  • enable and support mental health recovery, and
  • tackle stigma and discrimination.

You will also get access to an extensive bank of resources that you can start using straight away.

After completing the course you will be able to download your certificate of completion.

The course has been awarded 3 Developmental CPD points by the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA).

Join us (for the equivalent of £2 per month) and enjoy a 33% discount on this course.

In this course you will:

Enjoy a variety of learning activities, quizzes, case studies and videos that will help you:

  • better understand mental health, the misconceptions and how to recognise the red flags
  • appreciate the impact and importance of sport and physical activity on mental health
  • recognise the barriers to participating in physical activity, and put in place practical ways you can adapt your sessions to overcome them
  • understand and connect with people helping to provide an inclusive, person-centred experience
  • communicate effectively and offer appropriate guidance
  • be confident about opening and holding a conversation about mental health with someone you coach
  • make your club or organisation more inclusive, and better prepared to be able to support people experiencing mental health problems

Mental Health Awareness for Sport and Physical Activity

UK Coaching Subscribers can enjoy a 33% discount on this resource.

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Full course details

  • Everyone who delivers coaching in clubs, community sport and physical activity – such as coaches, activators, sports administrators, front of house staff or volunteers – will benefit.

  • This course is self-paced and lasts approximately 2-3 hours, but there is nothing to stop you leaving and finishing at your convenience. You can break up your learning and take time out in between completing modules. You will be able to access it whenever you want, at a time that fits in with your lifestyle.

  • You have access to the course for 12 months after enrolment.

  • Our experienced advisors are on hand should you need any help with navigating through the course.

    Some topics can be upsetting when learning about mental health. You can pause the course to take a break whenever you need to. You may find it helpful to talk to someone you trust about how you’re feeling. You can also find information and support at mind.org.uk/information-support

    If you need help right now, this page can help you make sense of your experiences: mind.org.uk/need-urgent-help. It gives you practical tips to help you cope, and helps you find the right support services for you.

  • For the best experience, we recommend you complete it on a desktop.

    We are working on accessibility features to launch in release 2. You can help shape this by becoming part of our testing panel. To join the panel contact Mind at [email protected]

  • If you are an organisation and want to purchase this course for your learners get in touch to request a Free 7 Day Review Enrolment. Volume discounts are available.

What do other people think of the course?

“This was a fantastic online course that I found both educational and interesting. The layout of the information was great, which made it easier to use and understand the course content. As a result I have asked all our coaches to complete the course, which will help increase their knowledge and confidence on this important area.”

Graham Rodger, Community Manager, Grimsby Town Sports and Education Trust

"I really enjoyed the reflective part of the course. It got me thinking about how I would approach such a situation and what I could do in my planning to be able to confidently support people. As a result I am definitely more aware of people’s behaviour and what signs to potentially look for.  I highly recommend it to all coaches."

Alice Bower, Youth Development Officer, British Dodgeball