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UK Coaching Team

Coaching Teenagers

On this workshop, learn more about what happens in the brain during adolescent development and how this knowledge can help your coaching

With a key understanding of adolescent development, you can be confident that you have the knowledge that you need to inform your coaching and support the young people that you coach more effectively.

This face-to-face workshop will improve your understanding of the teenage brain, and of participants’ emotions during and beyond the period of development that happens during adolescence.

It is split into two parts, with:

  • Part 1 covering what it is like to be a teenager for the people you coach
  • Part 2 covering how you can support the teenagers that you coach.

This will give you the knowledge and skills to empower and encourage the people you coach to:

  • improve their emotional awareness
  • manage their emotions more effectively.

By understanding what is happening on a biological, physical, and emotional basis to the people you coach, you can adapt your coaching practice to ensure that your sessions are appropriate, and to make sure that they know that they have your full support, every step of the way.

This can be key to enabling them to continue to enjoy participating in sport and physical activity during this period of significant change.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is suitable for coaches working with teenage and adolescent participants in all environments, including in:

  • community sport
  • high performance sport
  • education (secondary/FE/HE)
  • health and sport for development projects.

It will also help parents of teenage athletes to support their child’s participation in sport and physical activity.

The Coaching Teenagers workshop is not available for booking through ukcoaching.org. If you're an organisation who wants to deliver it for your coaches, please visit the 'Information for Organisations' section below.

If you're interested in attending this workshop, please contact your local Active Partnership, National Governing Body of Sport or Home Nation Sports Council to see if they're running it or if they would be interested in running it.

Part 1: Gain a better understanding of what being a teenager is like for the people you coach

You will explore:

  • the impact that adolescence, the adolescent brain, and emotional development has on a teenager’s behaviour
  • the challenges of emotions and how to manage them.

Part 2: Learn how to support teenagers

You will explore:

  • how to understand the individual teenager (and yourself)
  • how environments and tasks can support teenagers.

Upon registering for this workshop, you will be provided with access to a set of digital resources. They will be listed on your personal learner dashboard.

Information for Organisations

If you have more than 6 people to train, we’ll come to you.

Tell us your preferred date and time via our booking form and we will arrange for one of our tutors to deliver your session. We will help market the event too if you want us to. All we need is the weblink to your own booking page and your session will appear on our workshop course listing page.

Do you have your own tutor team and want to take advantage of discounted rates?

Email us at [email protected] or call us on 0845 601 3054 if you need help organising this workshop.

This workshop is comprised of two sessions. Each session lasts for approximately two hours and  will be delivered by an accredited and experienced UK Coaching tutor.

This course should be delivered with a gap of 10-14 days between session one and session two, to allow the learner time to reflect on the session and put their new learning in to practice.

This course requires a classroom space big enough to house your learners comfortably with room to work in groups and move around freely.

This course requires learners to share thoughts and ideas in a group, so ideally a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 20 people should attend each session.

An interactive, two-part workshop that is facilitated by a UK Coaching tutor. Between each session we advise a gap of up to two weeks. This will allow each learner to put into practice the knowledge they gain after their first session and try out some new tactics.

During each session the learner will be involved in real-time activities and discussions.

Please contact our customer services team in advance or make the tutor aware of any additional learning requirements any of your learners may have, in order for our tutor be fully prepared in their support.

Upon registering for this series, each learner will be provided with access to a series of digital resources. This will comprise of videos, podcasts and articles to introduce basic concepts covered in the sessions, prompt reflection and encourage practice. The resources will be listed on the learner’s personal learner dashboard.

After we have received your booking form we will do the work for you! 

We will:

  • confirm a UK Coaching tutor to deliver the sessions
  • send you and your learners’ confirmation of the sessions, including all logistical information provided by you at point of booking
  • Send your learners a reminder email, with full venue details, within 24 hours of each session
  • provide your learners with access to the accompanying learning materials , housed in their UK Coaching Learner dashboard
  • email your learners their certificates after the event
  • provide you with anonymous learner feedback.

Here are the things you will need to do to ensure your learners have an enjoyable experience:

Book a space

A meeting with enough space for the group to split into smaller groups (at least 12 x 12 metres). All venues must be accessible for all participants, including those who may have additional needs (e.g. wheelchair users). As our tutor delivery uses slide and may include use of video, it is important that WiFi is available. Please supply the login and password details to the tutor.

To ensure that the venue for hosting the training course / workshop is suitable in all respects, please ensure a risk assessment is carried out. 

Send us your  list of delegates (at least 5 working days prior to the first session)

We will use this information to set up your learners with access to their resources and email the session confirmation to you and them. Please ensure your privacy statement covers this transation.


Arrange any relevant equipment Screen or laptop and data projector, flip chart, paper and pens are required. Internet access is required. Please contact our Customer Care Team is this is not available.
Support your learners During the event, you should be present to meet and support the tutor and provide any additional signposting advice to your learners.

Let us know if anything changes with the course in good time. If the course date or time needs changing, there is a £25 amendment fee. Please see your booking form for full cancellation details.

Do you have your own tutor team? Save on each workshop you deliver and take advantage of further benefits by becoming a UK Coaching Licensed Partner.

Delivering this two-part workshop under license costs £300 for up to 20 learners. Get in touch to find out more.